FPM statement at the commencement of UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme

Posted on: Tuesday 8 December 2020
Author: FPM

Tuesday 8 December 2020

This morning’s news is uplifting, seeing patients being given the first dose of their vaccination for COVID-19 in clinics up and down the country. It is the culmination of an enormous effort from the scientists and doctors who have developed the vaccine. We must also acknowledge the patients who participated in trials and the companies, regulatory agencies and NHS managers who delivered the research and then ensured the structures were in place to deliver doses to where they are needed. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and perseverance.

We hope this is now the beginning of the end of this terrible pandemic. However, given the requirement for two doses of this vaccine to be given and the time needed for efficacy, its effects will not be seen until well into the new year. We therefore urge everyone to remain vigilant and continue to follow the government/NHS guidelines on maintaining hygiene, keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask and limiting contact.

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