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Our values

Values are important for modern and forward thinking organisations, as they help to support the vision, shape the culture and support decision-making but most importantly, they govern how we all behave towards one another.

In 2019, FPM staff, trustees and members collaborated to develop a core set of values which were launched as part of the FPM 2020-2022 Strategic Plan and continue in the 2023-2025 period. The main thread through all FPM values is that of respect – respect for staff, trustees, members, customers and stakeholders. The values that we identified are summarised below.

We are:


This means:

Being accountable for our work and actions


This means:

Seeking solutions proactively


This means:

Treating everyone with dignity


This means:

Working positively with others


This means:

Being honest and ethical in our work


This means:

Investing in developing knowledge and skills