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Registering with FPM for Revalidation

Getting to know you – Registration Process

As a non employing designated body we have a registration process which all doctors with a connection to us must complete. This ensures that we are meeting our legal responsibilities as a designated body and can also support you fully to meet your responsibilities as a doctor with a licence to practise.

As all pharmaceutical physicians have varied scopes of work we will support and guide you through the process on a one to one basis. If you have any questions about registration please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please review steps 1 and 2 on Where to Start before beginning the registration process.

You must connect through your GMC Online account before completing the below forms.


The annual fee for members who have a prescribed connection with the Faculty as their designated body for revalidation is in addition to FPM’s annual membership subscription.

Appraisal Year ending 31 March 2024 (this fee is pro rata depending on your connection date) = £1215

Appraisal Year ending 31 March 2025 (this fee is pro rata depending on your connection date) = £1285

Please note that FPM is not registered for VAT.

The fee covers the costs of :

  • your annual appraisal
  • access to PReP (including CPD diary)
  • direct access to the FPM revalidation support team
  • providing the link to the Responsible Officer.

The Revalidation fee invoice is issued via email in February and must be paid by 1 April in order to maintain your participation in the programme. Non-payment by this date can indicate non-engagement with the revalidation process.

There is also a fee for participation in the colleague feedback process, once per revalidation cycle, currently £75 plus VAT, to the provider of this system. For doctors who also require patient feedback there is a combined fee of £149 plus VAT, again paid directly to the provider. We’ll provide contact details for the provider once your enrolment in the revalidation programme has been completed and these can also be found in the Help Menu within PReP.