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Your Appraisal

During your annual appraisals you will use supporting information to demonstrate that you are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice.

GMC appraisal guidance for revalidation:

This sets out the core supporting information you will need to include in your appraisal and the frequency this information will need to be provided over the five-year revalidation cycle.


How to Complete Your Input Form

Pharmaceutical physicians who wish to retain their licence to practise medicine in the UK must participate in annual appraisals for revalidation.

As part of the appraisal process, the doctors being appraised (the appraisees) assemble a portfolio comprising of supporting information, related evidence and other key pieces of information and submit these in the form of an Input Form to their appraisers via PReP.

This guidance document takes a step-by-step approach to completion of the FPM appraisal Input Form and follows its’ structure. It is designed as a stand-alone document. Where possible, it links to externally available guidance documents and resources for supplementary reading.

Providing a comprehensive, well-structured Input Form in advance of the appraisal meeting allows appraisers and appraisees to maximise the value of the time spent together in discussion. It will also help in identifying missing supporting information in good time, therefore helping to ensure all requirements are met by the appraisee’s revalidation date.

Dr Asad Khan, on behalf of the working group

28 February 2022

  • It is good practice to agree the date of your appraisal meeting in advance of your appraisal window.
  • You should start preparing for the appraisal meeting in good time before your agreed appraisal date.
  • Enter the agreed date in PreP. You will then avoid the automated reminder emails from the system!
  • If you are assigned a new appraiser or have not had any previous FPM appraisals, you or your appraiser may suggest a discussion before your appraisal date to introduce yourselves, discuss your supporting information and any needs and requirements for the appraisal meeting.
  • The Input Form must be sent to your appraiser via PReP at least 2 weeks before the planned appraisal meeting to allow your appraiser time for a full review of your portfolio and to prepare for the discussion.

If you find any external links are broken or any section/s require an update or if you have any suggestions, please contact the FPM Revalidation Support team at revalidation@fpm.org.uk

Technology Assisted Appraisals Policy

Face to face appraisal remains the preferred approach to optimise the quality of the interaction and develop the most productive professional connection. Consequently, video conference appraisals are not permitted unless permission is sought and granted in writing from the Responsible Officer before the meeting date. Appraisal by telephone (i.e. without video facilities) is not acceptable. NHS England guidance states that ‘technology assisted appraisals’:

  • are not normally permitted,
  • can only be used on rare occasions ‘where circumstances present insurmountable obstacles to a face to face meeting’ and where a postponement ‘would cause more harm than good’

Geographical aspects alone will not be accepted as reasonable circumstances for an appraisal via video conference.

If you feel your appraisal can only take place via video conference, you should contact the Responsible Officer at the earliest possible date, working with your allocated appraiser to provide the following information:

  • Why a face-to-face appraisal meeting cannot be arranged within the three-month appraisal window.
  • The earliest date that it is likely a face-to-face appraisal meeting could take place.
  • How long you are likely to be abroad (if applicable).
  • Whether this issue is likely to arise in future years

Please note that appraisees are responsible for any costs if their appraisal takes place via video conference.

Technology assisted appraisals are a ‘one off’ to manage very exceptional circumstances, so if working abroad and undergoing a face-to-face appraisal meeting is likely to present an ongoing problem, you should seriously consider relinquishing your UK licence since it is not required for work abroad. The process for regaining the licence after voluntarily relinquishing is simple and quick. Further details can be found on the GMC website.

An approved video conference appraisal must take place under the same conditions as a face to face meeting – appraiser and appraisee must book a sufficient amount of time for the meeting and be in a private and quiet environment free from distractions or interruptions. They must also ensure that they have familiarised themselves with the technology before the meeting is scheduled to begin to minimise delays.

Questions? Contact revalidation@fpm.org.uk

The above policy has been updated to reflect the guidance issued by NHS England in July 2019.