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FPM On Demand

Whether you missed one of our events first time around, or you want to relive a particular talk, FPM On Demand is an opportunity to catch-up on some of our past events.

Many of our FPM On Demand events are eligible for CPD. To use the learnings for your appraisal you’ll need to provide:

  • evidence (URL and/or proof of payment for paid content), and
  • reflection, specifically a couple of paragraphs on what you learnt, what effect it will have on your current practice and how it relates to Good Medical Practice.

Upload these into your portfolio and self-allocate your CPD points at 0.25 credits per 15 mins.

Approve for CPD

FPM Education Day 2022

EDI in Focus: Yale School of Public Health

FPM hosted a webinar with Mayur M Desai (PhD, MPH) and Sten H Vermund (MD, PhD) from the Yale School of Public Health to talk about their experience in setting up and establishing EDI initiatives within their school, how these initiatives will help them to meet their ultimate goals (equity in health and education) and to give us some of their key insights and learnings from this journey. A recording of the webinar can be viewed for free below.

Black History Month series

FPM marked Black History Month 2020 with two extremely engaging talks. Recordings of the webinars can be viewed for free below.

FPM Public Health Emergencies webinar series

In mid-2020, FPM hosted a webinar series on: Good Pharmaceutical Medicine Practice: Preparedness Planning for Public Health Emergencies.

In the context of the central role played by medicines development during this COVID-19 pandemic, FPM’s Ethics & Practice Committee (EPC) developed a series of discussion webinars that focus on specific themes and challenges related to the science and ethics of pharmaceutical medicine during public health emergencies (PHEs). In these eight webinars, we engaged key global experts who have been involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response, coming from a variety of professions and sectors as well as from different geographical regions.

Speakers: Prof Tim Higenbottam FFPM, Prof Alan Boyd FFPM, Dr Penny Ward FFPM, Dr Susan Tansey FFPM, Mr Wilfred Gurupira, Dr Karol Szczukiewicz, Dr Jina Swartz, Dr Jakob Cramer, Dr Delon Human, Professor Jeffrey Almond, Professor David M. Salisbury, Professor Mark Turner FFPM (Hon), Professor Barbara Bierer, Professor Mariana Kruger, Professor Sidnei Epelman, Dr Zoya Panahloo FFPM, Tanya Collin-Histed, Professor Huma Arshad Cheema, Dr. Heather Lau, Emily Crossley, Dr Cecilia Chisholm MFPM, Professor Igor Bondarenko, Dr Mariam Hassan, Dr Farah Rasheed, Professor Richard Sullivan, John Wise, Professor Barend Mons, Professor Elizabeth (Betsy) Ogburn, Lynsey Chediak, Dr Alastair Benbow, Professor Young-Mo KOO, Professor Fernando Lolas Stepke, Professor Ames Dhai, Professor Haihong Zhang

Lunch and Learn for PMST Educational Supervisors

PMST 2021 curriculum

Watch our three short presentations that provide overviews of the new PMST 2021 curriculum.