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FPM Connect: Mentoring Platform

What is FPM Connect?

FPM Connect is a member benefit that links members who are seeking guidance with members who would like to offer support.

FPM Connect is also a space that allows participants to build professional connections with other pharmaceutical physicians across geographical boundaries or sub-specialties.

If you want to be a mentor, a mentee or would like peer-to-peer networking opportunities, this platform is for you.

We believe in the powerful, positive impact of mentoring. Everyone has something to give, and everyone has something to learn. We hope you will consider joining the platform.

FPM members of all grades are eligible to join the platform.

What can you achieve from being a mentor?

  • Personal fulfilment from investing in others
  • New mentoring skills
  • A feeling of being valued as a role model
  • The chance to enjoy a rewarding challenge
  • The chance to be inspired
  • And more!

You can look for a mentor that will be able to provide you with advice:

  • On how to enter the industry and profession
  • On how to progress within the industry and profession
  • On specific job challenges
  • On specific industry challenges
  • On how to move job roles and industries
  • And more!

How does it work?

Mentoring allows professionals to meet and engage with one another, offering both parties the chance to progress, learn new skills and fulfil true potential.

During the mentoring-process the mentor will share their personal skills, knowledge and experience with the mentee to enable him or her to explore their personal and professional situation. It is a two-way process in which the mentor and mentee work together to set and achieve predetermined goals and objectives.

Why should I sign-up?

Mentoring is a reflective experience, enabling both the mentor and mentee to learn about different practices and how to apply them to their own situation.

Signing up for mentoring is a great opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs, nurturing personal and professional growth in a supportive environment.

Can I be a mentor and a mentee?

Yes! You can sign up to become either a mentor or mentee, or both!

Please note that only mentee profiles can view a list of their potential matches and send requests to mentors to connect.

Mentor profiles will not see a list of mentees and will wait until they receive an invitation to connect from a mentee.

Consider signing up as both to see a list of potential matches and connections!

Eligibility criteria

Must be an FPM member 

  • Mentors: must have at least 3 years experience in pharmaceutical medicine
  • Mentees: open to those with extensive to limited experience.

Become a mentor or mentee

Watch the full Q&A on our careers page

Dr Jeymi Tambiah MFPM (Dis)