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FPM Conversations

FPM Conversations are designed to give members the unique opportunity to engage with eminent figures in industry, government, regulation, academia and clinical practice. The evenings consist of a buffet dinner, followed by around 1½ hours of discussion and debate, with drinks and networking to finish – a perfect combination of the professional and the social.

In 2020 we moved FPM Conversations online due to the pandemic. The new webinar format features an initial 30-minute meet-and-greet with notable FPM members, followed by 90 minutes of presentations and panel discussions with special guests.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on who could lead conversations and on what topics then please get in touch with us (b.cottam@fpm.org.uk).

Previous FPM Conversations

FPM Conversation: In Vitro Diagnostics – Companions or Not?

Date – Wednesday 14 July 2021
Platform – Webinar hosted on Zoom

Conversation IVDs

This meeting discussed and debated the rapidly evolving IVDs landscape.

There is increasing adoption of biomarkers and diagnostics/companion-diagnostics in clinical trials and clinical practice, leading to an ever-rising collaboration within and between pharmaceutical companies and in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturers.

It is important that pharmaceutical physicians and scientists, across a variety of different roles, have an understanding of how the IVD regulatory landscape is continuing to rapidly change and, critically, how Pharmaceutical Companies are adapting by developing new strategies to ensure effective collaborations in the IVDs arena.

This FPM Conversation aimed to enhance attendees’ awareness of the major elements of relevant IVD regulation(s) and provide expert perspective on important strategic and practical aspects of developing and implementing IVDs in support of patients.