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FPM is registered as a charity by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registration Number 1130573)

FPM is also registered at Companies House as a Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital (Registration Number 6870644)

FPM is not registered for VAT.

FPM’s governance arrangements are set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. In addition to these, the FPM Board sets Regulations.

The voting membership of FPM are its Fellows (FFPM) and Members (MFPM). Honorary Fellows, Honorary Members, Associates and Affiliates are not included within the voting membership.

Each of the voting members promises, if FPM is dissolved while he or she remains within the voting membership or within 12 months afterwards, to pay up to £1 towards the cost of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by FPM while he or she was within the voting membership (article 7).

Board of Trustees


President -Dr Flic Gabbay FFPM
Vice President – Dr Sheuli Porkess FFPM
Registrar – Dr Chris Worth FFPM
Treasurer – Dr Peter Feldschreiber FFPM


RCP – Professor Robert Unwin
RCPE – Professor Angela Thomas
RCP&SG – Dr Gerard McKay


Lay Trustee – Professor Alan Cribb
Lay Trustee – Mr William Payne


Fellow – Dr David Jefferys FFPM
Fellow – Dr Emma Harvey FFPM
Fellow – Dr Neil Snowise FFPM
Member – Dr Craig Hartford MFPM
Member – Dr Assem el Baghdady MFPM


FPM has a commitment to high standards of legal and ethical probity and all members of the FPM, members of staff, officers and trustees are expected to share this commitment. This policy is established to facilitate the investigation of fraud and related offences, while protecting the interests of those who, acting with integrity and in good faith, bring to light instances of fraud, breaches of trust or other unacceptable behaviour | Fraud and Whistleblowing Policy

FPM is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the relevant talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives available in society | Equal Opportunities Policy

The Declaration of Interest Policy applies to all trustees, members of committees, members of working groups, providers of services and employees | Declaration of Interest Policy

The purpose of the Trustee Code of Conduct is to provide clear guidance on the standards of conduct and practice expected of trustees of FPM | Trustee Code of Conduct

Since its establishment the FPM has built up and held reserves, this policy outlines why they are held and the target amount of  reserves | Reserves Policy

The FPM invests its reserves in a manner that maximizes security whilst allowing reasonable growth | Investment Policy

Annual report and Accounts

FPM Annual Report and Accounts for 2020 | Download

FPM Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 | Download

FPM Annual Report and Accounts for 2018 | Download

Previous year’s reports and accounts are available upon request from the FPM Office.