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Expert Groups

We have established a database of members who have expert knowledge within certain key areas of pharmaceutical medicine. From this database we have formed a number of Expert Groups, each with a lead/chairperson who facilitates and collates the responses from individual members of the groups. The chair of each Expert Group works closely with members of the Policy and Communications Group (PCG) to finalise responses in a timely and efficient manner. The groups are as follows:

  • Governmental and Healthcare Policy relevant to Pharmaceutical Medicine (incl. drug safety and regulatory)
  • Orphan Disease/Gene Therapy/ Innovative technologies
  • Clinical Development (processes/policy)
  • Pharmaceutical development in Paediatrics and other vulnerable populations
  • Important/Key therapeutic areas (for Pharmaceutical Medicine) Neurological disorders/ Neuropsychiatric/ HIV/ Vaccines/ cardiovascular)
  • Oncology
  • Medical Devices, Diagnostics and new technologies

Join an Expert Group

We currently don’t have any vacancies on our Expert Groups, however you can register your interest in becoming a member by email us at fpm@fpm.org.uk