Chair: Dr Claire Barton

The Oncology Expert Group covers the development of treatments for all types of cancers—both haematological and solid tumours—including systemic anti-cancer agents, immuno-oncology, targeted radio-isotope therapy, symptomatic support, the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to cancer care, oncology-related devices and diagnostics, and drug-device combinations. This includes exploratory and translational research. The group also considers associated public and clinical issues around cancer, for instance, prevention (for example, in individuals with rare inherited cancer-predisposition syndromes) and screening.

The group also considers patient issues, such as participation in clinical trials, and issues around informed consent of particular relevance to cancer patients e.g. need for/legitimacy of mandatory biopsies, risk-benefit in subjects with very short life expectancy, availability of standard/approved therapies in different geographic regions, and patient support and guidance, including palliative care. Marketing and access to treatments for cancer and the development of regulatory guidelines in oncology also fall under the group’s remit.

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House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into delivering a UK science and technology strategy – Call for Evidence

Date: Submitted March 2022

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Government’s plans to deliver a UK science and technology strategy. The inquiry will consider what such a strategy should look like and how the UK’s research and innovation system can deliver it. Members of the Oncology expert group contributed to FPM’s response to this Call for Evidence which also included input from across FPM’s other expert groups. The Committee has now stopped accepting evidence and has published its report ‘”Science and technology superpower”: more than a slogan?’.

Read the report.

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