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The e-Portfolio (PReP)

All appraisals take place using PReP, an online revalidation management system, where you will upload all your documentation, record reflection and generate the forms which you and your appraiser will review at your appraisal meeting. PReP also functions as a CPD diary for those members of FPM who do not revalidate through the Designated Body.

You’ll receive your log in details on completion of registration with FPM for revalidation. The system works on an iterative basis and we advise logging into the system regularly so that it becomes a part of your background work, therefore making it easier to prepare for your annual appraisal.

There are user guides available in the system on PReP’s ‘Help’ tab. If you have any questions about PReP, please e-mail revalidation@fpm.org.uk.

Log in to PReP

PReP basics

The PReP system is your own personal portfolio and to get the most from it FPM request your profile is always kept up to date. We explain why below.

  • Your Revalidation date – The revalidation date is determined by the GMC and available on your GMC Online account. You must enter your revalidation date in your PReP account and keep it updated otherwise appraisers cannot give relevant advice. An appraisal date is not related to a revalidation date.
  • Profile Photograph -This is to ensure that FPM meets the criteria and obligations as laid down by Parliament and the regulator, one of these being to ensure that medical practitioners are identified and identifiable as part of the revalidation and appraisal process. This ensures that an appraiser can clearly know that the doctor they appraise is the doctor about whom they and the Responsible Officer will be submitting regulatory information.
  • Previous appraisals – If you are new to the FPM Designated Body (DB), the Responsible Officer (RO) must be able to demonstrate you have been engaged with revalidation since your last revalidation recommendation but prior to you joining us. We therefore ask as part of your registration once you are provided with PReP access that you upload previous Input and Output forms and PDP’s since your last Revalidation recommendation
  • Your contact details – PReP is the system the FPM DB utilises to contact the doctors connected to us. To ensure you receive communications from your DB please ensure your email address remains up to date.