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FPM has a number of operational and governance Committees to ensure the smooth running of its activities. The structure of these committees is outlined in the diagram below.

If you are a member of FPM at any level and want to get involved, please take a look at our Vacancies page to see if any of our committees are recruiting new members/Chairs.

FPM committee structure - September 2021

Board of Trustees

The FPM Board of Trustees consists of the President, who is the chairperson, the Vice-President, the Registrar, the Treasurer, the Presidents of the three parent Colleges or their nominees, two Lay Trustees and five other eligible members of the Faculty. Members of the Board are Trustees and Directors of the organisation.

The Board meets four times a year. A version of the latest confirmed minutes of the meetings of the Board is available to FPM members from the Members’ Area. The Board have ultimate control over FPM activities and make high level decisions over the use of FPM’s resources and the direction of FPM’s policies and partnerships.

Information about current and forthcoming elections and appointments to the Board are available here.

Co-ordination Committee

The Co-ordination Committee works to implement the policies of the Board of Trustees through the various committees and, conversely, to advise the Board of progress in the activities of the committees. The committee convenes four times a year and consists of the Officers of FPM, the chairs of the five main committees as outlined below, and the Chief Executive of FPM, who is the chair.

Education and Standards Committee

The Education and Standards Committee plans and implements FPM’s examinations, diplomas and training programmes. It is also a responsibility of the Committee to consider and approve applications for Membership, Associateship and Affiliateship on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Policy and Communications Group

The role of the Policy and Communications Group is to develop the FPM’s policy work, and to co-ordinate and facilitate liaisons with both the membership and with external bodies, including media and PR activities and consultation responses.

The Policy and Communications Group co-ordinate the production of FPM’s Journal and Newsletter. The Committee also oversees the running of the Annual Symposium and other meetings. The group, in co-ordination with the President and FPM staff, deals with inquiries from the press and media on matters of importance to FPM and its members.

International Development Committee

Approximately 1/4 of the Faculty’s members are based outside the UK and the International Committee exists primarily to support and encourage input to FPM activities from these members. The International Committee also seeks to promote FPM to relevant EU and global bodies and to support the development of pharmaceutical medicine as a specialty internationally.

Ethics and Practice Committee

The Ethics and Practice Committee proactively and reactively develops FPM’s position on ethical issues that may affect FPM and our members. The Committee first developed the Guiding Principles for Pharmaceutical Physicians in 2005 and at the time this was published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice. In 2014 the Committee also developed Good Pharmaceutical Medical Practice and its associated ‘Support Network’.

Trainees Committee

The Trainees Committee comprises of approximately ten FPM members who are currently enrolled on the Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training programme. Due to their first-hand insight, the principal responsibility of the committee is to advise the Education and Standards Committee on matters relating to specialty training in pharmaceutical medicine, with a particular emphasis on trainee issues. The committee also brings the trainees’ perspective on the work of FPM through the Executive Committee.

Read more about the committee’s remit and activities here.

Board appointments

Professor Tim Higenbottam FFPM was elected as President of FPM and took up office on 2nd November 2018.

Dr Flic Gabbay FFPM was elected as Vice President of FPM and took up office on 2nd November 2018.

Dr Sharon McCullough FFPM was elected as a Fellow Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 2nd November 2018.

Dr Tahir Saleem MFPM was appointed as a Member Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 2nd November 2018.

Professor Robert Unwin was appointed as the RCP London Parent College Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 1 January 2019.

Dr Gerard McKay was appointed as the RCPSG Parent College Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 22 January 2020.

Dr Peter Feldschreiber was appointed as Treasurer and took up office on 1 March 2020.

Professor Angela Thomas was appointed as the RCP Edinburgh Parent College Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 14 May 2020.

Dr Assem Dr el Baghdady was appointed as a co-opted Member Trustee and joined the FPM Board on 14 May 2020.