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Membership Committee

This committee focuses exclusively on our membership. We have challenged ourselves to make FPM more visible, more attractive and more accessible.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a fascinating speciality and we will highlight this to doctors early in their careers as well as to academic physicians and experienced physicians who are exploring alternative career paths. We also believe in showing non-pharmaceutical physicians and other healthcare providers what we do in support of their pharmaceutical associated activities.

We will raise awareness of the education, support and opportunities offered by FPM with a view to increasing membership, both within in the UK and internationally. We will engage with our members so they are included and listened to. In return, we will be open to new ideas and suggestions to better meet our members’ needs.

Our ambition is for a membership that is more inclusive and more impactful, and for incoming members to feel welcome and included. The requirements for becoming a member and how to apply should be transparent and straight-forward. We will make Membership (MFPM) more accessible by recognising a range of international qualifications in pharmaceutical medicine as well as establishing a route to MFPM for those with extensive experience.

What does FPM’s Membership Committee do?

Our main areas of focus are to:

  • Consider and approve applications for Membership, Associate membership and Affiliate membership of the FPM on behalf of the Board of Trustees
  • Support the professional welfare of FPM members
  • Support the development of member networks and member networking events
  • Oversee the guidance and support provided to doctors considering a career in pharmaceutical medicine
  • Consider potential strategies and opportunities for increasing membership
  • Consider the need for new membership categories as well as re-evaluating the entitlements and privileges of current membership categories

Meet our members

How to get involved and support the Membership Committee

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved, please let us know

Email membership@fpm.org.uk

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