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Online examinations

The FAQs below apply to all exams, the Certificate and Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine and the Certificate and Diploma in Human Pharmacology.

They will be updated from time to time to ensure that any further questions are disseminated to all candidates sitting these exams. For any questions not covered by this FAQ please contact us at exams@fpm.org.uk.

IMPORTANT: Online exam protocols

Questions about answering the exam questions online


Questions about getting ready to take your online exam

It is very useful to try out the system before you sit your examination. Once you have downloaded the TestReach application, you can access a ‘test tutorial’ so you can be familiar with how it feels to answer exam questions in TestReach. You can take this tutorial as many times as you like.

General questions about online exams

Instead of writing answers using pen and paper, or in the case of multiple choice, using an MCQ answer sheet, everything is done electronically on a computer. Depending on the questions types, you might be selecting the answer by clicking your mouse or using your keyboard to enter data.