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EDI Forum

Our vision is to ensure that FPM is diverse and inclusive at every level of the organisation. We have a significant opportunity to partner across our membership to create an inclusive environment that enables everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, race, ability status, age, politics, sexual orientation, gender or religion, to reach their full potential. We want to enable all people to contribute as effectively as possible to the delivery of pharmaceutical medicine for the greater benefit of society. We wish to establish a culture of change and an environment that is respectful, welcomes open debate, learning and a genuine acceptance of people as their authentic selves. We will welcome feedback from members of FPM and will continue to enhance this narrative as we move forwards together.

What does FPM’s EDI Forum do?

Given the challenges faced by society and the COVID pandemic which has highlighted multiple societal inequalities, we have seen how we can effectively unite across society, public services, industry and academia and achieve positive results when a shared goal is identified.

Our main areas of focus are to:

  • Review and advise on priorities which advocate on the importance of EDI to FPM members and to the pharmaceutical medicine specialty
  • Increase participation of under-represented groups in FPM activities
  • Sponsor initiatives to showcase the diversity of FPM members
  • Promote the pharmaceutical medicine specialty as a career choice that is open to all physicians
  • Encourage and promote EDI within the industry and to share learnings across Pharma.

Meet our members

What we plan to achieve in 2023

Member and Fellow Engagement

The EDI Forum will continue to review and advise on EDI issues related to FPM and our activities. This will include providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to contribute and/or participate in the breadth of activity in FPM and to support the activities of organisations that share our vision of equitable health and diverse representation in leadership.

Raising Awareness

The EDI Forum will continue to raise awareness of EDI-related issues (e.g. Bias, Workplace culture/psychological safety, Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Intersectionality). This will be undertaken through communications campaigns focussing on specific observances and through additional blogs and social media, fireside chats and webinars.

Activities related to the Annual Symposium and Awards Ceremony

The EDI Forum will continue its contribution to the Annual Symposium 2022 through appointed EDI members on the Symposium working group. The theme of which is focussed on ethics and trust


External Stakeholder Collaboration

The EDI Forum will look to forge relationships with external stakeholders able to contribute to EDI forum activities, and will research and explore collaboration with other key stakeholders to raise awareness about EDI and share learnings across pharma and beyond.

The EDI Forum will continue to review advise on EDI issues related to FPM and our activities. This may include increasing representation of marginalised communities across the different levels of FPM, and advising on FPM activities to ensure EDI is being considered.

How to get involved and support the EDI Forum

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved, please let us know

Email f.butler@fpm.org.uk

Some of our outputs

Coming soon: EDI Forum members can view papers and minutes here after logging in to MyFPM