PMST 2021 Curriculum

Key curriculum documents


Changes to structure:

  • Replacement of seven competency modules with 14 Capabilities in Practice (CiPs).
  • All capabilities to be reviewed every year (spiral curriculum).

Changes to assessments:

  • Four levels for assessment of specialty CiPs, three levels for rating generic CiPs.
  • Introduction of new WPBAs (QIPAT and OAT) and retirement of PbD.
  • Increased emphasis on assessments (12 PMATs, 4 OATs, 1 QIPAT, 1 MSF) each year.

Changes to approach to sources of learning

  • No mandatory courses, learning can be achieved through work experience, internal / external courses, simulated events etc.

Knowledge gained for the DPM exam can be used to support CiPs.