FPM Values

Posted on: 20th June 2020
Author: Dr Marcia Philbin, Chief Executive, FPM

Values are important for modern and forward thinking organisations, as they help to support the vision, shape the culture and support decision-making but most importantly, they govern how we all behave towards one another.

In 2019, FPM staff, trustees and members collaborated to develop a core set of values which were launched as part of the FPM 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. The main thread through all FPM values is that of respect – respect for staff, trustees, members, customers and stakeholders. The values that we identified are summarised below:

We areThis means
Professional Being accountable for our work and actions
Innovative Seeking solutions proactively
Caring Treating everyone with dignity
Collaborative Working positively with others
Credible Being honest and ethical in our work
Learned Investing in developing knowledge and skills

How will FPM embrace these values?  We have to work with a range of stakeholders both within and without FPM, and in order for FPM to have influence, it is important how others view us, which can be as a result of our behaviour and attitude.  Values are active and we live them every day.  For example, when the FPM staff transitioned to working from home due to COVID-19, Innovation was in action as we quick developed new webinars for our members.  FPM has published a series of blogs on COVID-19 and this required Collaboration with several contributors.  The quality of the blogs demonstrated the credibility of the expertise in FPM.  All of this is underpinned by the FPM values.

The next stage in the development of the FPM values is to identify and summarise the behaviours that align with each of the values.  Once this is complete, an FPM values framework will be developed and implemented.

The tragic events surrounding the death of George Floyd and the resulting outpouring of grief and demonstrations both in the USA and across the world all too clearly highlight the importance of respect for everyone regardless of who they are. Through the development and adoption of FPM’s values, we will embrace diversity, we will behave responsibly, we will use the FPM resources judiciously and we will respect everyone, regardless of who they are. Who would not want to be part of such a forward thinking and welcoming organisation?

Dr Marcia Philbin
Chief Executive, FPM

This article features in the 6th Edition of the Journal of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Spring/Summer 2020).

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