How can we integrate FPM’s Values?

Posted on: Wednesday 28 July 2021
Author: Marcia Philbin

Help us integrate our values

As you will have seen, FPM has developed a set of core values (Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Credible, Learned) and we now want to bring them to life by integrating them into the processes, operations and culture of FPM.

We would therefore like to hear from you, our FPM members, about how you think we can embed these core values.

Can we use the values to improve your professional practice?

Can we use them to improve our internal processes and procedures?

Is there anything that we’re currently doing which doesn’t uphold these values?

Let us know!

Please send your ideas to our Chief Executive Dr Marcia Philbin at Suggestions will be treated in confidence.

Our Values


We are accountable for our work and actions by:

- Being courteous to others even when you disagree

- Taking ownership and responsibility for our decisions

- Sharing information that will help others


We are proactive in seeking solutions by:

- Welcoming and listening to diverse opinions

- Allowing others to share their expertise and creativity

- Enabling a culture where new ideas can be tried and tested without fear of reprimand


We treat everyone with dignity by:

- Actively listening to others as well as being mindful of their feelings and opinions

- Recognising that we all work differently

- Celebrating others’ successes


We work positively with others by:

- Allowing others to express themselves without fear of ridicule

- Sharing our ideas with others

- Taking collective ownership of achieving a common goal


We will be honest and ethical in our work by:

- Being open and transparent with others

- Managing expectations through setting realistic and achievable goals

- Committing to high standards that are consistent with our expectations need


We will invest in developing our knowledge and skills by:

- Recognising when we need to make progress

- Being curious and interested in new ways of doing things

- Learning from our mistakes