Women recipients of the FPM President’s medal

Posted on: Monday 5 February 2024

Celebrate with us the extraordinary women who have earned the prestigious FPM President’s Medal in light of international day of women and girls in science. Explore their backgrounds and outstanding contributions that have elevated the standards of excellence in pharmaceutical medicine and science.


The prestigious FPM President’s Medal is the highest honour FPM can bestow and recognises exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver fundamental and transformational change to the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

Dr Ruth Dixon

Awarded in 2023

Ruth trained in medicine at the University of Leeds and did her pre-registration house officer jobs and then several years in general medicine in Yorkshire, followed by a brief period as a general practitioner for the British Army of the Rhine in Germany during Gulf War 1.  She has now been in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, starting her career as a clinical research physician in Wellcome’s clinical pharmacology group with John Posner as the head of department. Ruth was in clinical pharmacology for approximately 15 years and used to say that she’d had three jobs and worked for six different companies, having gone through several acquisitions and mergers. For the last 15 years she’s been in pharmacovigilance, with GSK and PPD and now with Eisai, a mid-sized company headquartered in Japan which specialises in oncology and neurology, where she heads the international pharmacovigilance department.

Back in 2003, Ruths old boss John Posner invited her to join the FPM’s Board of Examiners as the essay paper convener and after that she acted variously as secretary, MCQ paper convener and, in the last three years, Chair of the BoE. During her tenure as chair, the pandemic year 2020 brought the challenge of implementing the exams in pharmaceutical medicine and human pharmacology in an electronic format, so that candidates could sit them online without having to travel to an examination centre. To maintain her licence to practice and be an appraiser for medical revalidation since 2012, conduct appraisals for FPM as well as for her employer companies. She is proud to be a Fellow of the FPM and was awarded Global Fellow in Medicines Development.

Ruth Dixon

Dr Susan Bews

Awarded in 2021

Dr Susan Bews is the Responsible Officer for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine’s Designated Body and is a past President of FPM. She has been pivotal in developing the structures and processes for appraisal and revalidation, which enable more than 600 FPM members to maintain their status as licensed medical practitioners. Dr Bews’ commitment to medical governance and her oversight of the standards and systems ensure that revalidating pharmaceutical physicians are able to demonstrate that they are up to date and fit to practise in line with GMC requirements.

Dr Bews was a founder member of FPM and served on the inaugural Board. She was a long-standing UK company medical director, served on government, industry and medical bodies (the Medicines Commission, chair of the ABPI medical committee, member of the ABPI Code of Practice Appeal Board and as treasurer of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges) and has been a ‘lay member’ for other professional regulators dealing with complaints against barristers, solicitors and surveyors.

Dr Bews’ service and commitment to the aims and mission of FPM, the establishment and development of our designated body, and the development of our specialty are immense and are duly recognised today with the award of President’s medal.

Dr Susan Bews
Susan Bews

Dr Juliet Roberts

Awarded in 2019

Dr Juliet Roberts is an inspirational leader and mentor for the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine. Through her clinical development work in various different roles at Boehringer Ingelheim, she has helped bring innovative new medicines to benefit patients.

Dr Roberts is also passionate about education, training and qualifications for pharmaceutical physicians. She is an educational supervisor, a specialty advisor, and a responsible officer for Revalidation at her company. She has been Chair of the FPM Board of Examiners for six years and Vice-Chair before then. During her tenure as Chair she has worked tirelessly to deliver high quality examination papers for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DPM) exam every year and to continuously improve the examination processes. She has delivered all this in addition to her full-time job by working during weekends, evenings and even holidays.

Dr Roberts has been a great leader of the FPM Board of Examiners, keeping momentum, focusing on quality deliverables and ensuring fair assessments in the exams. She is a tireless champion for Pharmaceutical Medical Specialty Training (PMST) and promotes the DPM as a fair and passable exam. She takes every opportunity to encourage potential trainees and exam candidates to undertake the training and she is also involved with the pilot to include pharmaceutical medicine in the medical undergraduates curriculum at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Dr Roberts enthusiasm for the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine knows no limits.

For her professionalism, commitment and sheer hard work to raise the profile of the specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine for the benefit of improved patient outcomes, wider society and the next generation of pharmaceutical physicians, Dr Juliet Roberts is awarded the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine President’s Medal.

2019 FPM President's Medal Awardee Dr Juliet Roberts
Dr Juliet Roberts receiving FPM President’s Medal Award


Dr Flic Gabbay

Awarded in 1998

Dr Flic Gabbay FFPM was one of two inaugural recipients of the FPM President’s medal.

A committed entrepreneur, Flic was founding chairman of the steering group that set-up the UK Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) and currently serves as FPM President (2021-2024).

Flic has extensive experience of working on the development, submission and launches of products in infection, respiratory disease, arthritis, immunology, chronic kidney disease and oncology.

Flic started her career in big pharma in Rhone Poulenc and Parke Davis, in the latter she held senior positions including global therapeutic head and Board level in UK and Ireland. She started Gabbay Group, a CRO acquired by PPD, was founding chairman of Phico Therapeutics and has been CEO of two small biotech companies. She was also Director of Education at the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) in Southampton and helped set up many courses for training pharmaceutical physicians and others globally.

Flic co-founded tranScrip together with Marcin Mankowski and served for several years as tranScrip’s Managing Partner.

Flic Gabbay
Dr Flic Gabbay

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