Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine survey

Posted on: Friday 5 February 2021
Author: FPM

Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine

We are asking all FPM members – regardless of gender – to complete a new survey for our Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine project.

Recent research1 has uncovered an unequal distribution in the number of women in senior positions in STEM fields. Institutions across the UK have reported disproportionate gender pay ratios, unequal distribution of men and women in management positions, high rates of female attrition, and limited company policies striving for diversity and equality in the workplace2. Despite an increase in the number of women pursuing careers in pharmaceutical medicine and STEM in general, women occupy a disproportionately small percentage of high-ranking positions, with an even smaller number for women from ethnic minority backgrounds across all levels.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) will pilot a project to identify the barriers affecting the career progression of women in the field. Through this study, FPM will gain a better understanding of obstacles that women, and particularly women from ethnic minority backgrounds, encounter that inhibit career progression and lead to unequal pay. Findings gathered from the project will shape company policies to help address organisational structure and culture at all levels affecting womens’ career progression.

We have created a survey to gather more information on the perspectives of those in the field surrounding the career progression of women in pharmaceutical medicine. We are collecting information from both men and women in pharmaceutical medicine. If you are interested in participating, you can complete a 15-minute survey.

If interested in learning more about our project, contact us at wip@fpm.org.uk.

Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Closing 12:00, Friday 9 April 2020

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As part of the Women in Pharmaceutical Medicine project, FPM is also conducting a research study that aims to identify the barriers affecting the career progression of women working in our specialty.

We will be holding several focus groups to discuss various topics related to the careers of women in pharmaceutical medicine.

Find out how to join a focus group.