Fraser Peck awarded 2021 Stonier Prize

Posted on: Monday 18 October 2021
Author: FPM

Stonier Lecture prize winner 2021 – Dr Fraser Peck

We are delighted to announce that Dr Fraser Peck has won the respected 2021 Stonier Prize. Dr Peck’s abstract,  “The death of the digital age: Machine Learning’s window through the eye to morbidity”, stood out within a very strong field of submissions. With its clear and relevant focus and innovative vision, his presentation is guaranteed to be an eye-opening glimpse of the future (no pun intended!).

Dr Peck trained in ophthalmology and has recently moved into pharmaceutical medicine. He combines a thorough understanding of ocular health with a passion for AI and its applications as a powerful tool to support drug development and diagnosis. During his lecture, Dr Peck will highlight how Machine Learning could predict Adverse Drug Reactions during trials using in-vivo, non-invasive, real time retinal imaging. This year’s Stonier Lecture promises to show us an exciting new direction in this field of medicine.

Dr Peck will give the 2021 Stonier Lecture as an FPM Annual Symposium plenary on November 12. Register now to book your place and join us for this fantastic talk.

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