FPM Global Africa

The purpose of FPM Global is to provide leadership in establishing pharmaceutical medicine as a global medical specialty and to increase FPM’s global reach through the creation of a network of pharmaceutical physicians who work outside of the UK.

Meet an FPM Global Africa member:


Dr Muhammad worked extensively in general medicine and orthopaedic surgery before joining the pharmaceutical industry in 2002. He worked in in early phase units and subsequently for PPD Inc, GW Pharmaceuticals, InMed Pharmaceuticals, Ipsen and AstraZeneca amongst others. He has also worked for the Nigerian regulatory agency, supporting the pharmacovigilance and post-marketing directorate.

Dr Muhammad is a global health enthusiast and advocate, particularly in the areas of social justice, planetary, environmental and social determinants of health.

What Pharmaceutical Medicine mean to me?

“For me pharmaceutical medicine is one of the armaments at the disposal of global community that can be used in dealing with one of the most important challenges facing humanity, i.e. inequitable healthcare. It is an exceptionally rewarding specialty that give the practitioners the unique opportunity to contribute towards the development products that have the potential to change the lives of millions of people particularly those with highly unmet medical needs”

Dr Ado H Muhammad

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