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The purpose of FPM Global is to provide leadership in establishing pharmaceutical medicine as a global medical specialty and to increase FPM’s global reach through the creation of a network of pharmaceutical physicians who work outside of the UK.

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Meet an FPM Global member:

Dr Felix Jackson, Founder and Medical Director of medDigital and medCrowd.

A doctor and entrepreneur developing digital technology for health and care. Trained as an Anaesthetist, leaving clinical practice to start medDigital and medCrowd. Loving how digital is transforming health and care for the better! Follow Felix on Twitter.


What pharmaceutical medicine means to me:

I am proud to be part of the health and care team that ultimately provides patients with the care they need. The team includes doctors and nurses on the frontline, people who keep healthcare organisations running and people, such as pharmaceutical medics like us, who develop new treatments and technologies.

Dr Felix Jackson

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