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Posted on: Monday 14 November 2022
Author: MEAPP

This blog has been written by representatives of The Middle East Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals:

Assem el Baghdady – President & Co-founder
Yasser el Baghdady – CEO & Co-founder
Malak Hassouna – Office Manager -Cairo HQ

The article is provided for information and does not constitute advice or represent official FPM views or policy.

Focus on MEAPP blog article

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) currently has 1600 members, with 20% outside of the UK.  All the members are medically qualified and are either pharmaceutical physicians or have a professional interest in the specialty.

In 2021, FPM Global was established to lead on the promotion and expansion of the pharmaceutical medicine specialty to achieve the following:

  • raise awareness of pharmaceutical medicine as a discipline and profession
  • support the recognition of pharmaceutical medicine as medical specialty
  • propose new training and assessment opportunities
  • contribute to the setting of world-wide standards in pharmaceutical medicine
  • help grow the membership of FPM

Also in 2021, the Middle East Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (MEAPP) was established to introduce and enhance the medical specialty in the Middle East and develop education standards and certification. MEAPP is currently working with FPM Global to promote the specialty to a new audience in the region.

MEAPP is a professional membership charity with a mission to enable all kinds of pharmaceutical professionals in the Middle East and Africa to gain accredited qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience to elevate healthcare standards and become ambassadors for excellence within Pharmaceutical Medicine. Its goal is to achieve “a world of global equal healthcare practices, without disparity, where effective and affordable medicines are available for all patients everywhere.”

MEAPP was recently in Cairo, Egypt, by invitation from the National Research Centre (NRC) and the University of Alexandria CTU, and in collaboration with the British Council, to promote pharmaceutical medicine, and to play a role in creating a platform of competent scientists capable of developing innovative medicine to promote better healthcare in the Middle East region. The public is the ultimate beneficiary of safe and affordable medicines.

The aim of MEAPP is to provide educational lectures, webinars, symposiums, workshops on clinical trials and drug development to pharmaceutical professionals, government personnel and academics.  It will work in collaboration with bodies such as FPM and Kings College London to achieve this aim.

MEAPP attended the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine organised by the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians & Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP) in October 2022 in Athens, Greece, to announce the beginning of collaboration between IFAPP and MEAPP organisations. Presently, MEAPP is preparing for the first Middle East International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2023, in Cairo Egypt.



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