Vaccine Engagement Day – 25 March 2021

Posted on: Wednesday 24 March 2021
Author: FPM

We are delighted to lend our support to the British Society for Immunology’s ‘Vaccine Engagement Day’ on Thursday 25 March 2021.

The aim of this campaign is to provide a focal point for researchers to get involved in the public conversation on COVID-19 vaccinations and show their support for COVID vaccines and why it’s important that everyone gets vaccinated.  It’s going to be primarily a social media event running under the hashtag of #ExploreVaccines.

The day will provide an opportunity for individuals and organisations to get involved, raise their voices and share their resources.  You can read a collection of our vaccine blog articles and media statements below.

Vaccine Engagement Day - 25 March 2021
Vaccine Engagement Day – 25 March 2021