Get Involved January! Week 3

Posted on: Tuesday 18 January 2022

Whether simply learning about our recent activities, or applying to join one of our committees, this month we are highlighting ways in which you can take part.

Get Involved

Working in pharma as a physician, there is not always the possibility to engage and exchange with other physicians in the same field. Getting involved with FPM allows me to network and communicate, but also have a chance to contribute on matters that directly affect us pharmaceutical physicians


Education and exams

Join the Board of Examiners

We are looking for enthusiastic colleagues with specialist knowledge in pharmaceutical medicine to join the Board of Examiners to assist with our exams.

Becoming an Examiner is a great way of staying up to date with Pharmaceutical Medicine and an excellent opportunity for CPD and helping towards demonstration of competency in your annual revalidation appraisal.

Education and Examination

Get involved in planning our events

Education Day working group

Education Day is one of FPM’s flagship events. Run annually, this is a day to explore a particular topic or area in pharmaceutical medicine that is of key interest and importance to pharmaceutical physicians. FPM members of all grade are welcome to join this group and get involved in planning and organising this fun and stimulating day.

Est. workload = 1 hour a week from Feb-June
Output/impact = Education Day flagship event

Working Groups


FPM Fellowship and Awards

Acknowledge and Celebrate

Our annual awards cycle is about to begin, with calls for nominations for Fellowships and Awards due to open at the end of January. Take a look at our Awards page and start thinking about those who you feel deserve recognition for their work in pharmaceutical medicine.

FPM Awards Ceremony 2022


Want to do more as an FPM member?

Visit the Get Involved page for year round opportunities and info

Get involved

Weekly hihglights

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