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FPM President’s Medal Awardees

Significant achievements and innovations in our field do not always receive the recognition they deserve. The FPM President’s Medal is the highest honour FPM can bestow, this award recognises exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond to deliver fundamental and transformational change to the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

Take a look at our awardees below:

Professor Ken Paterson

Awarded in 2009

Dr Nigel Baber

Awarded in 2009

Dr Frank Wells

Awarded in 2007

Professor John Griffin

Awarded in 2005

Dr Theodore Binns

Awarded in 2004

Dr Herman Lahon

Awarded in 2003

Professor Richard Rondel

Awarded in 2002

Professor David London

Awarded in 2002

Professor David Lawson

Awarded in 2001

Professor Duncan Vere

Awarded in 1999

Dr Vin Whitmarsh

Awarded in 1999

Dr Paul Nicholson

Awarded in 1999

Dr Richard Bax

Awarded in 1999

Dr Robert Smith

Awarded in 1998

Dr Felicity Gabbay

Awarded in 1998