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Election of Fellows Ordinary and Honorary and Members Honorary and by Distinction

Fellowship and Awards 2019

The decision to admit an individual as Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Honorary Member or Member by Distinction is made by the Board of Trustees after consideration of the report of the Fellowship and Awards Committee. The Board of Trustees will meet on 10 July 2019 and applicants will be informed of their decision within one week of the meeting.

Applications for Election of Members (MFPM) to Ordinary Fellowship (FFPM) 2020

Fellowship of FPM recognises an individual’s significant contribution to both the practice and science of Pharmaceutical Medicine and to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Fellowship is an accolade held by some of the most exceptional and innovative pharmaceutical physicians in the world. It is a mark of achievement and skill as a doctor and recognises an ongoing contribution to the profession and the specialty. 

Deadline for applications: Applications for 2019 awards are now closed. The awards for 2020 will open for applications in spring 2020.

Nominations for Election of Honorary Fellows, Honorary Members and Members by Distinction 2020

Honorary Fellowship and Membership

Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour FPM can bestow, it recognises the recipient’s eminence within their own field and their outstanding contribution to pharmaceutical medicine.  Honorary Membership recognises those who have made significant contributions in the fields of research, teaching, medicine, general science or society. Honorary Fellows and Members need not be medically qualified and these honours are strictly limited. 

Members by Distinction

This is an exceptional route to Membership for individuals who have made a significant contribution beyond the normal day-to-day practice of pharmaceutical medicine. These awards are limited and may not be made every year. Members by Distinction have the same rights, privileges and obligations as Members and may also apply for Ordinary Fellowship (FFPM).

Deadline for nominations: Nominations for 2019 are now closed. The awards for 2020 will open for nominations in spring 2020. 

Annual Fellowship, Membership and Awards Ceremony 2019

Successful candidates in 2019 for Ordinary Fellowship and successful nominations for Honorary and by Distinction awards will be formally presented to the President at the Faculty's Annual Fellowship, Membership and Awards Ceremony on 13 November 2019 at the Royal College of Physicians, London.