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FPM President’s Medal

The FPM President’s Medal is the highest honour FPM can bestow.

In the dynamic world of pharmaceutical medicine, landmark achievements and innovations in the specialty don’t always get the recognition they deserve. This is where the FPM President’s Medal steps in. This prestigious award recognises exceptional individuals or teams whose dedication have ignited transformative change within the field.

We’re delighted to announce that nominations are now open!

Making a nomination is a fantastic opportunity to give recognition to an individual or team whose contribution to pharmaceutical medicine has transformed lives, inspired others or driven change through their professionalism, commitment, creativity, and hard work.

We have deliberately kept the nature of qualifying contribution broad, and only stipulate that it be a contribution that has advanced the practice of pharmaceutical medicine.

Nominees could work within pharmaceutical medicine, including medical devices, or in another area, and they don’t have to be medical doctors.

The nomination process is simple: just let us know which individual or team you wish to nominate and outline why you think this person should receive the FPM President’s Medal.

FPM members can nominate anyone in the field whose contribution has transformed lives, inspired others or driven change!

Nominations will be closed on Thursday 4 April 2024

FPM President’s Medal
FPM President’s Medal

Who can nominate?

Nominations are accepted from current FPM members. All nominations must be supported by a seconder.

Why nominate?

Use you voice and nominate someone whose contributions have breathed life into pharmaceutical medicine. Whether they have transformed lives, inspired others, or driven change through their professionalism, commitment, creativity, and hard work, now is the time to ensure their brilliance is recognised!

Want to nominate someone but think they may already have been awarded a President’s Medal? You can contact us first if you want to check.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone, yes, anyone. This includes FPM members (all grades), non-members and non-physicians. Nominees need to have made a significant contribution to pharmaceutical medicine either over a long period of time or for a sustained and intensive short period.

The Medal is typically made to an individual, however nominations for a team will also be considered.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at recent FPM President’s Medal winners

Explore our distinguished list of recent FPM President’s Medal winners and discover more about their remarkable achievements and contributions.

Find out more about these remarkable individuals.

How are the winners chosen?

The Fellowship and Awards Committee will review all nominations on a case-by-case basis. Only the information submitted by the nominator will be considered and any conflicts of interest will be declared at the beginning of the review process.

The committee will judge each nomination on its individual merit, without reference to any specific criteria, with the final decision agreed by a vote. The nominated awardee will be presented to the Board for final approval.

What do the winners receive?

The winners receive a medal and are invited to our annual awards ceremony for formal commendation of their achievements amongst their peers.

The medal is awarded on a one-time basis and does not carry any other privileges. The President’s Medal provides recognition within the wider pharmaceutical medical community for an individual’s valuable contribution to the field.

How to nominate

Nominations should include:

  • Name of the person making the nomination
  • Name of the nominated individual
  • A supporting statement of 300-1000 words that details of the nominee’s contributions to the pharmaceutical medicine
  • A seconder

Nominees will not be informed of their nomination by FPM.

Find out more about nominating someone for an FPM President’s Medal (pdf).

If you have any questions, please email membership@fpm.org.uk

Nominate someone for the FPM President's medal