FPM Annual Awards 2024

Posted on: Tuesday 9 July 2024

The FPM Annual Awards 2024 took place on Wednesday 3 July at the Royal College of Physicians, London and we had the pleasure of honouring more than 100 members of the pharmaceutical medicine community.

Amongst those being celebrated was a large cohort of 62 new Fellows of FPM who were the first to be elected under our refreshed eligibility criteria for 2024.

We also welcomed new Members of FPM, celebrated individuals who have completed PMST, and bestowed our latest Honorary awards, Academic Achievement Award, FPM Volunteer award, and the FPM President’s Medal.

It was fantastic to see so many deserving individuals and their families gathered together. The atmosphere was filled with pride and accomplishment as we recognised the exceptional contributions and achievements of all our awardees.

I was honoured to be officiating at this marvellous event and privileged to be amongst many world-leading pharmaceutical physicians. On behalf of the FPM Board, I particularly want to thank all FPM staff and colleagues whose pre-event planning over the course of many weeks, together with the collaborative team work on display at the RCP, reflected extremely highly on the FPM.

Dr Chris Worth FFPM

Registrar, FPM

I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who orchestrated the FPM 2024 Awards Ceremony. As a member of the audience I encountered numerous colleagues, both in the auditorium and afterwards at the reception, spontaneously talking about just how efficient and effective the Evening’s event was - noting in particular the relatively large number of FPM Awards that needed to be presented. I can only imagine the magnitude of preparatory activities that must have underpinned such polished proceedings supporting the highly enjoyable evening.

Dr Craig Hartford FFPM

Awarded Fellowship of FPM 2024

Photographs from the ceremony and drinks reception

Find out about some of the individuals who were honoured

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