New Members and Members by Distinction of 2024

Posted on: Friday 28 June 2024
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Meet our new Members and Members by Distinction

FPM Awards 2024

We are very pleased to announce new Members (MFPM) and Members by Distinction (MFPM(Dis)).

Find out more about some of them below (displayed in alphabetical order):

Members (MFPM)

Membership recognises success in FPM’s Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine examination, or other equivalent examination, and fulfilment of the requisite two years in a pharmaceutical medicine role.

Dr Thuraya Al-Rihaymee

Dr Thuraya Al-Rihaymee is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in clinical research and over a decade of experience in clinical medicine. Her educational journey includes an MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine (2024), an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (2023), and a Postgraduate Genomic Medicine CPD module in Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Health Care from the University of Manchester (2023). She obtained her medical degree (MB ChB) from the University of Babylon, College of Medicine (Iraq). These achievements culminated in her being awarded Membership of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2024.
Dr Al-Rihaymee’s passion for integrating AI technology into clinical trials is evident in her master’s dissertation, titled “Public Perception of AI-Powered Social Media Algorithms for Tailored Clinical Trials Participation.” This research highlights the potential of AI to enhance clinical trial recruitment by analysing public attitudes and addressing concerns related to using AI technology for personalised clinical trials. Her work aims to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and facilitate the development of new therapies.

Before transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr Al-Rihaymee gained extensive clinical experience across various specialties. Her comprehensive clinical background has informed her expertise in multiple therapeutic areas, such as respiratory, dermatology, cardiovascular health, women’s and men’s health; mental health; rheumatology and musculoskeletal disorders; gastroenterology; neurology ; vaccination research; and medical devices.

Additionally, Dr Al-Rihaymee has worked with healthy volunteers in Phase 1 studies, particularly in dermatology, immunology, and pain research. Her experience spans both biologics and non-biologics investigational products across Phase I to IV trials.

Dr Al-Rihaymee has navigated the challenges of balancing work, postgraduate education, and family life with resilience and dedication. She considers the journey, which includes raising two young children, to be both challenging and rewarding. Her commitment to advancing clinical research and improving patient outcomes continues to drive her professional endeavours.

Dr Candice Clarke

Dr Clarke is a physician scientist and nephrologist working in research and development. She studied medicine at Newcastle University before completing junior medical jobs at a variety of London teaching hospitals where she gained membership to the Royal College of Physicians. In 2013 she began academic speciality training in renal medicine at Imperial College London during which she read for a PhD in renal immunology. Her research has explored the therapeutic potential of modulating spleen tyrosine kinase signalling pathways in immune mediated renal diseases as well as investigating immune responses to infection and vaccination in immunocompromised populations. She has authored over 30 peer reviewed scientific publications (including Lancet and Nature Medicine papers) and continues to be a regular reviewer for renal journals. After gaining the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2023, Dr Clarke is moving into the pharmaceutical industry where she can apply her expertise and skills to renal clinical development.

Dr Raj Dattani

Raj undertook a basic science degree in London before a graduate-entry clinical studies as a Craythorne Scholar at the University of Oxford. He transitioned to the biopharma industry early in his career, fundamentally motivated and inspired by the scale and enduring impact that the creation of new drugs and cures demonstrably has for patients. As such, he sees the discipline of drug development as an embodiment of applied clinical medicine with a focus on translation.

Raj currently serves as a Senior Drug Development Clinician at Weatherden and as Co-Founder of Sania Therapeutics. He is passionate about questions and decisions which occur at the crossroads of clinical and competitive strategy. His work spans all of fundamental science to clinical development and trial design on one hand, and from company formation to late-stage business development on the other. Outside of work he plays squash with improving competency.

Dr Christian Madu

My name is Dr Christian Madu, I am a general practitioner with seventeen years experience out of which 4 years I spent carrying out duties in pharmacovigilance and patience safety. I obtained my mbbs degree from the prestigious university of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. In other to improve on my knowledge of pharmacovigilance and patients safety I went further to obtain Advanced postgraduate diploma in pharmaceutical medicine from James Lind Institute, Switzerland ,in the year 2020. And I was elected member of the faculty of pharmaceutical medicine in 2023. I am looking forward to a progressive and fulfilling career in pharmaceutical medicine.

Dr Ketan Marulkar

Ketan is a trained physician (M.B.B.S) and has also received a master’s degree in ‎Pharmaceutical Medicine from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He has over 18 years of work experience as a clinician and in the pharmaceutical industry. In the industry, he has contributed as a pharmaceutical physician in clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical information, and regulatory affairs domains. He has extensively contributed to patient safety across the lifecycle of medicinal products from clinical development to post marketing phases. His expertise includes safety monitoring in clinical trials, safety submission activities, signal detection and risk management, and continuous benefit-risk assessment.

Since 2023, he was appointed to the current role as Senior Director – Global Patient Safety. In this role, he provides global medical leadership for patient safety, focusing on safety surveillance and risk management. He leads and guides safety surveillance activities, ensuring proactive risk management and effective communication with internal and external stakeholders. He contributes to global patient safety strategies and supports the QPPV in fulfilling legal responsibilities. He collaborates with cross functional teams to ensure high-quality medical evaluations for regulatory purposes and represents the Global Patient Safety function within the company and externally.

Ketan believes that patient safety is not just a regulatory obligation but a moral imperative that ensures trust in healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry. He is dedicated to contributing to the field by leveraging his extensive experience and expertise to safeguard patients and enhance the therapeutic value of medical products in the global market.

Dr Amin Sammour

Dr Amin Sammour, an accomplished principal investigator currently working at Celerion in Belfast, Northern Ireland, boasts a rich professional background in clinical research and pharmaceutical medicine. Previously, he served as a Clinical Research Physician at Simbec-Orion Ltd in Merthyr Tydfil and at Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Dr Sammour earned his MBBS degree from Sulaiman Alrajhi University in Saudi Arabia in 2017. He furthered his education by completing an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the James Lind Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, in July 2022. Currently, he is pursuing Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST), which he commenced in early 2024.

Dr Amin Sammour began his clinical journey as a Foundation Doctor at King Abdulaziz National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, kickstarting his career in 2017. Following this foundational experience, he pursued roles in general medicine and dermatology in Romania.

Dr Sammour’s comprehensive experience spans both clinical research in NHS settings and pharmaceutical company settings, providing him with a well-rounded perspective in his field.

Throughout his career, Dr Sammour has accumulated extensive experience in conducting clinical research across diverse therapeutic areas, including infectious diseases, respiratory conditions, autoimmune diseases, nephrology, hematology, neurology, endocrinology, and pain management. As a principal investigator, he oversees and leads clinical research projects, ensuring their successful execution and adherence to high-quality standards, GCP and protocol.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr Sammour finds joy in activities like swimming, reading, and cherishing moments with his family.

Dr Jude Wellens-Mensah

Jude holds a BSc in Biochemistry, an MBChB, and an MPH with a focus on Epidemiology and Disease Control from the University of Ghana. He furthered his education with postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Trials and Drug Development from Harvard Medical School’s Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program and a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the James Lind Institute in Geneva. Additionally, Jude has earned certificates in Monitoring & Evaluation in Global Health and Leadership and Management in Health from the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health.

With around ten years of clinical experience, Jude has worked at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, focusing on immunological studies. His career with Novartis English West Africa included significant roles in medical affairs, particularly within cardiology, renal, metabolic, malaria, and infectious diseases therapy areas.

Currently, Jude serves as a Clinical Research Fellow at the Clinical Research Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School & the Gannochy Trust Clinical Research Suite, Perth Royal Infirmary, NHS Tayside. He is involved in various phase I, II, and III studies, including the British Pigeon Fanciers Genetics of Interstitial Lung Disease study. Jude is also an Associate Principal Investigator for the TIPAL study under the NIHR Associate PI Scheme, demonstrating his commitment to advancing medicine.

Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys swimming and exploring nature.

Dr Laura Wojtowitz

Laura obtained her medical degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Whilst working in the Respiratory Critical Care Unit in Cape Town during the pandemic, she graduated first class from Stellenbosch University with a Postgraduate Diploma in Medicine’s Development.

With eight years of clinical medicine experience working across private and public healthcare in South Africa and the NHS; she emigrated to London and transitioned into Clinical Development over two years ago.

Her first role in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Research Physician at Richmond Pharmacology exposed her to a wide range of therapeutic areas and IMP classes, focusing on First in Human trials. Now working for hVIVO, a CRO in early phase clinical trials in Viral Challenge studies, vaccine development and antivirals- she enjoys long distance running, writing and travelling in her spare time.

Membership by Distinction MFPM(Dis)

This is an exceptional route to Membership for individuals who have made a significant contribution beyond the normal day-to-day practice of pharmaceutical medicine.

Professor Alex Sinclair

Dr Alex Sinclair, Professor of Neurology at the University of Birmingham is recognised internationally for her academic clinical and basic science  research for the treatment of brain diseases particularly headache and traumatic brain injury. Her work encompasses identification of disease pathways, discovering novel compounds and subsequently evaluating these compounds in clinical studies to assess their utility in treating patients.

Qualifying in medicine in 2000 with post-graduate training in neurology, Dr Sinclair became a Neurology Consultant in 2012 with the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust and was the Director of Headache Service and service lead from 2013 to 2022. Dr Sinclair, to date, has been awarded over £22million in grant funding in relation to her academic research from organisations such the Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Heath & Care Research, Dept of Defence USA, the Ministry of Defence UK and the UK Space Agency. She has published numerous scientific papers.Professor Sinclair has driven her preclinical and translational findings into pharmaceutical development. By securing intellectual property (patents, orphan drug designation (ODD) granted by the FDA and European Medicines Agency and key proof of concept data) she was able to raise significant funding ($38M) to create a University of Birmingham spin-out company. The company was launched on the Australian Stock market in July 2019.  In her role as Chief Scientific Officer she co-developed a comprehensive business strategy and led the drug repurposing and reformulation and then animal bridging studies and pharmacokinetic assessments in human volunteers. She has been involved with the strategic engagement with regulatory authorities (EMA and FDA) and investigational new drug applications (IND). She has designed both Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials run and has overseen  analysis of data and authorisation of the Clinical Study Reports. She has overseen the filing to competent authorities for ethical approval in numerous geographies (US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, France, UK). She actively involved in training and developing the next generation of clinical scientist.

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