Volunteer Award of 2024

Posted on: Friday 5 July 2024

Meet our Volunteer Awardee

FPM Awards 2024

The FPM Volunteer Award is given to an individual in recognition of consistent and/or outstanding efforts and contributions that have helped the FPM to achieve excellence in our mission to advance the science and practice of pharmaceutical medicine. This year Dr Renata Crome has been awarded this honour.

Dr Renata Crome receiving her award at FPM Annual Awards Ceremony 2024 with FPM’s Chief Executive, Dr Marcia Philbin.
Dr Renata Crome at the FPM Annual Awards Ceremony with Chief Executive, Dr Marcia Philbin and citation reader, Dr Ben Cottam.

Dr Renata Crome

Renata is a Pharmaceutical Development Specialist with 30 + years’ experience in the scientific development, regulatory approval and commercialisation of new medicines. She started her career in academic cardiovascular research at St Thomas’s Hospital, London then joined Roche where she led project teams developing some of Roche’s key projects including Tamiflu for influenza, and Avastin for cancer. She was then appointed to Deputy Global Head of Early development. In 2015 Renata joined Cancer Research UK heading up Project and Portfolio management.

Renata is a board trustee member of the PTEN Research Foundation and also Isabel Hospice, holds a number of Non-Executive Directorships and Scientific advisor roles, and has been a member of the Policy and Communications Committee of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine for five years, chair of the FPM Covid Expert group and subsequently chair of the FPM infectious disease expert group.

During the Covid pandemic Renata was called upon by the UK government to form and lead the UKRI sponsored team of pharmaceutical experts to develop treatments for COVID-19.

Acceptance speech from Dr Renata Crome

Thankyou to the leadership of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and the board of trustees for nominating me for the volunteer award . It has been both a great privilege and a pleasure to have supported the FPM in the important work that it does in furthering the speciality of Pharmaceutical Medicine  as well as  helping to  amplify the highly sought and much respected voice of FPM on key  healthcare topics. 

I would encourage colleagues at FPM who have not yet considered it to think about volunteering for FPM. I have found that the time and effort I have contributed have been received back at least tenfold. Through volunteering, I have gained the opportunities to have an impact on patients, new treatments, policies, and other areas outside of my usual work. Additionally, I have enjoyed new connections, collaborations, and friendships.