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Symposium FAQs

Welcome to the FPM Annual Symposium 2020!

We hope you don’t have any problems during the 2 days, however here is an FAQ in case you have any questions about how to access our plenary lectures and seminars.

You will receive emails prior to each Plenary Lecture and Interactive Session with the access link to join. You will simply need to click on this link to take part.

Don’t forget to check your Junk folder!

You can also join all the Plenary Lectures and Interactive Sessions by clicking the “Join” links beneath each lecture/seminar title on the main Symposium webpage.

To join the first plenary lecture from the webpage you may have to sign in with your registered email address and access key. This will have been emailed to you. If you are having trouble finding it, please click “resend my access link” and follow the email instructions, or email events@fpm.org.uk and we will resend it to you.

Depending on your browser settings, you will not have to sign in again.