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Sponsor FPM Annual Symposium 2021

Confirmed plenary speakers: Jonathan Van Tam, Özlem Türeci, Stephen Lockhart

FPM Annual Symposium 2021: Trials and Tribulations

Shaping a bright new future for pharmaceutical medicine

FPM’s headline event is its Annual Symposium, held every November.

Like our 2020 programme, this year’s event will be delivered virtually over two days and will include plenaries and smaller interactive workshops from key figures in our field and some very special guests. View more details

Support us

Organisations who share FPM’s vision of a world where effective medicines meet the needs of patients are invited to support us by applying to sponsor this year’s FPM Annual Symposium.


Thursday 11 and Friday 12 November 2021

What format?


Confirmed plenary speakers

  • Jonathan Van Tam
  • Özlem Türeci
  • Stephen Lockhart

What are the benefits for sponsors?

FPM will provide a series of digital touch-points which will connect sponsors with FPM’s audience. These will not only be present during the event itself, but also throughout FPM’s pre- and post-event communications schedule – a potential audience of several thousand pharma professionals!

In addition to click-through links, sponsors will also increase their brand equity by being seen to support FPM’s major annual event. With its exciting programme and stellar lineup of speakers, FPM Annual Symposium is an extremely well respected and important event within the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

FPM is offering an unlimited number of digital sponsorship packages with digital-only brand placement.

There are also five premium sponsorship packages with more prominent digital visibility, and – most importantly! – a physical insert included in a mailed-out delegate pack.

Please note, FPM may chose to offer additional sponsorship opportunities.

FPM Annual Symposium

Delegate packs?

Yes! Like last year, FPM will mail packs to all delegates and speakers. These will include a programme, speaker bios, FPM goodies, and we have reserved space for inserts from up to five senior sponsors. We have worked extra hard on our delegate packs this year, and they are sure to be a talking point amongst all our attendees!

Symposium 2020 delegate pack
Symposium 2020 delegate pack

The Packages

Digital sponsorship – £650

This will include at least the following:

  • Your logo on event holding slides
  • Your hyperlinked logo on the main event page
  • A hyperlinked credit in emails to delegates
  • Your name and logo on the printed programme
  • A thank you on social media

Premium sponsorship – £2,000

All of the Basic Sponsorship package PLUS:

  • A printed insert for the delegate pack (single sheet,up to A5)
  • A company profile on the main event page (tell our audience what you do in 100 words!)

Apply now!

To apply please complete one of the following forms and return it to events@fpm.org.uk

Who will you reach?

Our advertising will reach over 5,000 individuals. As the leading faculty for pharmaceutical physicians in the UK, our audience includes many senior figures, aspiring leaders and future stars of the pharmaceutical world.

FPM Annual Symposium will dominate FPM’s communications schedule for several months in the lead-up to the event. During this time regular communications will be issued to the below groups.

After the event FPM will continue to communicate outputs from the event itself – ensuring a ‘long tail’ of activity and sponsor visibility.  This may include video footage, blog articles and more.

FPM’s mailing list

1,500 subscribers, >50% typical open rate

4,500+ direct social followers

plus many of their followers via organic and paid social posts

Industry and collegiate contacts

via our networks with pharma organisations, as well as UK and international faculties and colleges

Who will attend FPM Annual Symposium 2021?

FPM is anticipating at least 200 unique delegates.  Based on previous FPM webinars, these will be mostly UK-based FPM members. All will have a professional or personal interest in pharmaceutical medicine, and a significant proportion will have senior roles in the respective organisations.

About FPM members:

  • 1500 members
  • FPM members work in the pharmaceutical industry, in regulatory bodies or as independent pharmaceutical physicians
  • 20% of FPM members are international
  • Many hold senior positions within their organisations
  • FPM members have great trust in the FPM brand, as evidenced by a typical email open rate of >50% (vs. an industry average of 17%)

Why partner with FPM?

Medicines development isn’t possible without a workforce of trained pharmaceutical physicians, and FPM exists to ensure that these talented individuals have the competencies, skills and support required to deliver the best medical products for the benefit of patients and the public.

Pharmaceutical physicians work across the wide range of organisations within the field of health and medicines; pharmaceutical companies, research organisations including hospitals, academia, regulatory agencies and independent consultancy.

FPM sets and maintains the standards in the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine, through its portfolio of education, training, advocacy, and events programmes. It also delivers the Pharmaceutical Medicine Speciality Training (PMST) that is required by the General Medial Council (GMC) to become a registered pharmaceutical physician.

FPM Annual Symposium
Artwork created for FPM Annual Symposium 2021 by Dan Stafford