Partnerships and sponsorship

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) has opportunities for partner organisations to sponsor and support its work.

Medicines development isn’t possible without a workforce of trained pharmaceutical physicians, and FPM exists to ensure that these talented individuals have the competencies, skills and support required to deliver the best medical products for the benefit of patients and the public.

Pharmaceutical physicians work across the wide range of organisations within the field of health and medicines; pharmaceutical companies, research organisations including hospitals, academia, regulatory agencies and independent consultancy.

FPM sets and maintains the standards in the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine, through its portfolio of education, training, advocacy, and events programmes. It also delivers the Pharmaceutical Medicine Speciality Training (PMST) that is required by the General Medial Council (GMC) to become a registered pharmaceutical physician.

Organisations who share FPM’s vision of a world where effective medicines meet the needs of patients are invited to support these activities by applying for any of the opportunities listed below.

Current opportunities

Sponsor FPM Annual Symposium 2022

Past opportunities