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Election of FPM Vice-President 2024

Calling all Fellows!

The cycle of FPM’s governance means that we now need to start the process to elect the next Vice-President who will take office after Dr Sheuli Porkess term ends. Dr Porkess was elected as the new President and will take office on 12 November 2024.

  • Do you have what it takes to become the next Vice-President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM)?
  • Are you able to think and act strategically?
  • How will you work collaboratively with the new President to support FPM navigate this unprecedented period of economic, technical, and social change?
  • Are you able to advocate and promote the specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine to national and international audiences?
  • Are you committed to ensuring that FPM represents its diverse membership?
  • What is the one thing that you want to achieve during your term of office?

If you are ready for a challenge, nominations are now invited for the office of Vice-President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine to serve a three-year term commencing 12 November 2024. Only Fellows of the Faculty (with the exception of Honorary Fellows) are eligible for nomination for election to this office.

The Vice-President serves a single three-year term of office and is not eligible for re-election at the end of this period. As FPM is a registered charity and company, this role carries Trustee and Company Director status. The Trustee Board is responsible for the governance of FPM as well as determining its future direction.

Further information about the role is available on FPM’s website or by contacting the FPM Office.

The person elected as Vice-President will be required to comply with the FPM’s Code of Conduct for Trustees and the Declaration of Interests Policy. These policies are available on the website and potential candidates are asked to read these before their nomination form is submitted so that they are aware of the responsibilities.  The person elected as Vice-President will also be expected to uphold FPM’s Values (Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Credible and Learned).

Nominations should be made on the official forms. You are reminded that Fellows and Members, but not Affiliates, Associates, Honorary Fellows and Honorary Members are eligible to propose and second nominations and to vote in any subsequent ballot.  Please contact the FPM Office if you have any questions.

Completed nomination forms must be received by the Registrar at FPM no later than 17:00 (UK time) on Wednesday 8 May 2024.