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Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training

The main route to obtaining specialist registration in Pharmaceutical Medicine is by undertaking Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training.

The purpose of specialty training in Pharmaceutical Medicine is to produce accredited pharmaceutical physicians, who are equipped with specialist knowledge and comprehensive skills and competencies to practise to the highest ethical and professional standards, for the benefit and safety of patients and the public, in the development and maintenance of medicines.

Due to major changes in the organisation of postgraduate medical education in the UK commencing in 2007, there are currently three curricula being used for specialty training.

Doctors who were issued with a National Training Number (NTN) from 1st August 2007 to 31st July 2010 should refer to the January 2007 PMST curriculum for further information. Doctors who are entering PMST from 1st August 2010 onwards should refer to the August 2010 PMST curriculum (amended 2014) for further information.

The Higher Medical Training (HMT) curriculum and information will be applicable to those already undertaking specialty training under a NTN, which was issued before 31st July 2007.

Trainees following pre-2010 curriculua must move to the August 2010 curriculum (amended 2014)if they have not completed their programme of training by 31 December 2015.

If you are in any doubt about which curriculum applies to your particular circumstance then please contact the Professional Standards Administrator.

Please visit our enrolment page for more information on how to enrol onto PMST.

  Current PMST trainees are invited to join the FPM Trainees' LinkedIn group here.