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Annual Review of Competence Progression

Annual Review of Competence Progression

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) is a formal review of a trainee's progress towards achieving a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) if they are following the CESR Combined Programme (CESR (CP)).

The trainee must attend their ARCP each year that they are in training unless there are extenuating circumstances addressed in writing to the Postgraduate Dean for Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Progress in PMST, as judged through the ARCP process, depends on meeting the requirements of the PMST curriculum and in the Gold Guide.

The ARCP process is conducted a panel under the auspices of the Postgraduate Dean. The ARCP panel is responsible for quality managing the training, assessment, appraisal and review of trainees to ensure that they meet the requirements of the PMST curriculum.

The ARCP panel will review the trainee's e-portfolio. The panel will also review the Educational Supervisor's assessment of the trainee's progress and other appraisal reports. Based on these sources of information, the ARCP panel will issue an appropriate ARCP outcome indicating either satisfactory progress or a requirement for remedial and/or additional time in training.

The ARCP panel can issue one of the following outcomes:

Outcome Description
Outcome 1 Satisfactory progress - achieving progress and the development of  competences at the expected rate
Outcome 2 Development of specific competencies required - additional training time not required
Outcome 3 Inadequate progress - additional training time required
Outcome 4 Released from training programme - with or without specified competences
Outcome 5 Incompleted evidence presented - additional training time may be required
Outcome 6 Gained all required competences - will be recommended as having completed the training programme
Outcome 8 Out of programme

The ARCP panel also advises the Postgraduate Dean whether a trainee should be revalidated. The ARCP is an important process for the trainee to gain specialist certification and  to be revalidated as fit to practise.

ARCP requirements

The trainee must:

a) link their evidence to the module items
b) complete at least 4 - 5 workplace-based assessmensts for each module, using the full range of assessments
c) reflect on their evidence at module item level (i.e. explained how their evidence demonstrates their achievemnt of the curriculum competencies)
d) have met the rate of progression according to the ARCP decision aid for their year of training
e) rate as "Achieved" completed module items
f) complete MSF (only required in ST4 and ST6) with at least 12 responses
g) complete Form R Part B the self-declaration for revalidation
h) complete, if necesary, a Scope of Practice Form if they do other work as a registered medical practitioner outside of their pharmaceutical medicine post for training, and
i) upload a  copy of their GMC national training survey completion code to the e-portfolio personal library.

Please use the ARCP checklist for trainees to make sure you have completed all your tasks before your review.

The Educational Supervisor must:

a) rate as "Achieved" completed module items
b) complete the 'Pharmaceutical Medicine Supervisor's Report'
c) complete the 'Pharmaceutical Medicine Annual Appraisal'
d) raise any concerns about the trainee's fitness to practise in either of the two forms above
e) release the MSF summary report after the trainee has received at least 12 responses
f) raise and record any concerns that are reported in the MSF summary report, and
g) discuss the results of the MSF summary report with the trainee and record this discussion in either the supervisor's report or annual appraisal form.

Please use the ARCP checklist for Educational Supervisors to make sure you have completed all your tasks before your trainee's review.

Further information

For the regulations that govern the ARCP process please download the current edition of 'A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK' (‘Gold Guide').

Health Education England completed a year-long review of the ARCP process and has published an ARCP guide for trainees and posted a short video on the ARCP process.

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