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Revalidation Overview

Revalidation is the process by which licensed doctors are required to demonstrate on a regular basis that they are up to date and fit to practise. Revalidation aims to give extra confidence to patients that their doctor is being regularly checked by their employer and the GMC. Licensed doctors have to revalidate, usually every five years, by having regular appraisals that are based on the GMC’s core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice. All doctors who wish to maintain a licence to practise must engage with the revalidation process, via a prescribed connection to a designated body which has appointed a Responsible Officer.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine is named as a designated body in the Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010 and has appointed Dr Susan Bews FFPM as the Responsible Officer. The Medical Profession (Responsible Officer) Regulations came into force in Northern Ireland on 1 October 2010 and in England, Scotland and Wales on 1 January 2011. This legislation can be accessed on the UK legislation website.

If you are a member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, then your prescribed connection is likely to be with the Faculty, but you should make sure of this by using the GMC tool and checking with your employer as some pharmaceutical companies are designated bodies. If the Faculty is your designated body, there is an annual fee to be paid and an agreement to be signed and returned. You will also need to connect to the Faculty via GMC Connect. Non-members who work in or have an interest in pharmaceutical medicine may apply for affiliate membership of the Faculty. Further information about registering with the Faculty for Revalidation can be found here.

Revalidation Summary

  • Doctors holding a licence to practise (LtP) are required to link to a Responsible Officer
  • Doctors should identify the designated body with which they have a prescribed connection by working through the GMC online tool which can be accessed at: 
  • In order to revalidate, licensed doctors are required to participate in a process of annual appraisal based on their portfolio of supporting information.
  • Licensed doctors need to maintain a portfolio of supporting information drawn from their practice which demonstrates how they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice (GMP).
  • The Responsible Officer will make a recommendation to the GMC about a doctor's fitness to practise, normally every five years. The recommendation will be based on the outcome of a licensed doctor's annual appraisals over the course of five years, combined with information drawn from the governance systems of the organisation in which the doctor works.
  • The GMC's decision to revalidate a licensed doctor will be informed by the Responsible Officer's recommendation.

The GMC will be monitoring a number of aspects of revalidation to provide confidence about the process.  More information can be found on the GMC's revalidation quality assurance page.