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Welcome to the Revalidation Section

This section of the website aims to provide you with all the information you will need for your revalidation journey with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. Please select the relevant tabs at the side to take you to the information you require. On this page you will also find any relevant notices and links to important updates, so please do check back regularly. If you are unable to find the information you require or need to contact a member of the Revalidation Team then please do so by e-mailing


FPM Designated Body Revalidation Complaints Policy


The FPM Designated Body’s Revalidation team endeavour to aid our connected doctors with revalidation processes and to provide a level of service that is acceptable to appraisees and appraisers. If you feel that the standard of service you experienced was not acceptable, then please contact us at so we can put things right.

We always try to informally resolve problems first. Therefore, where there is a problem, please contact the person who provided the service and explain why you are unhappy and what action is needed. This can be done by telephone or in writing. We will then try to resolve the matter for you as quickly as we can.

If you are still dissatisfied following this action, you can make a formal complaint.

For full details on how to raise a formal complaint, please see our policy.



NHS England Letter Regarding the Dr Bawa-Garba Case and Reflection 

This is a letter from NHSE that all Responsible Officers have been asked to share with their appraisers and doctors concerning Dr Bawa-Garba and the implications of the case for your own reflective notes in your appraisal portfolios. Sound meaningful reflection, demonstrated through reflective notes in portfolios, are an integral and essential part of revalidation. As this letter says 'Indeed, a doctors professionalism can potentially be called into question by their failing to demonstrate adequate reflective insight. The overall value of reflection is strongly positive for the doctor, the system and, foremost, for patients'.

This letter should provide you with the confidence to reflect fully and provide learnings with your Supporting Information. This does not apply just to those who undertake clinical work but to all doctors holding a licence to practise across their scope of work. As we move into the second cycle, the GMC are putting more emphasis on refection and now specifically give inadequate reflection as one the reasons for a Responsible Officer to submit a request for a deferral of a doctor’s recommendation date. 

The GMC will shortly be publishing an update on Supporting Information which we will be circulating. As one of just a few points in the introduction they say "We’ve emphasised the importance of reflection (and we’re due to publish new, separate guidance on reflective practice also in March)".

The Faculty Designated Body, and appraisers, will be expecting doctors to reflect fully and meaningfully on all parts of their portfolio and the  letter should provide reassurance about the appropriateness of doing so.



Complaints or concerns about a named doctor

It is a requirement of revalidation that all designated bodies have a process for receiving complaints and concerns in respect of the doctors for whom they have a prescribed connection. This is so that they can inform the appraiser or where more serious, be dealt with on a more urgent basis.

If you have any complaint or concern about a pharmaceutical physician for whom we are the designated body, or would like to discuss any related matter, please contact the Faculty Responsible Officer at