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Clinical Review Policy


During the course of the first year of revalidation it has become apparent that in reviewing evidence for those doctors who undertake clinical work, that appraisers find it very valuable for such appraisees to include, as part of their annual evidence, an informal review from their consultant or equivalent manager in the clinical setting. Some of our doctors are already doing this and it is a familiar request to many consultants as it is standard practice in the NHS where a doctor has clinical and academic responsibilities. Such an approach is generally referred to as using the principles or guidance from part of the Follett Review*.  

In order to ensure that the full scope of work of a doctors practice is available for review in the appraisal meeting, we are therefore making the inclusion of such a review an annual requirement from 1st July 2014 for our doctors with any clinical work including patient or volunteer contact. Clearly this will not apply to everyone, but for those who do perform clinical work it will provide the extra evidence to the appraiser and reassurance to the Responsible Officer that all aspects of our doctors work is captured and available for discussion. It will not replace the annual Faculty managed appraisal but will be an additional piece of supporting information.

This review (terminology differs but it may be referred to as a performance review, clinical review, an internal, company or a corporate appraisal, a practice review, etc)  will be in addition to providing the supporting evidence mandated by the GMC for clinical work, so that the portfolio has documented evidence to support practice across the whole scope of work (CPD, QIA, SEs complaints. etc).

This applies to those who are working in Phase 1 and Phase 2 units as well as all doctors with direct patient contact. So for example those with clinical attachments in the NHS, private medicine, etc. If you receive, through the course of your clinical work, a review or appraisal connected to such work then it should be uploaded to PReP and appropriately titled ready for your appraisal meeting.

The addition of this clinical review / appraisal does not replace the annual Faculty appraisal. It is another piece of supporting information for the Faculty appraisal. This has no effect on prescribed connections.

If you have any queries about this please discuss them with your appraiser or get in touch with the Head of Revalidation Operations.



Next Review Date: 1 August 2020