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Revalidation FAQs

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Additional FAQs can be viewed on the GMC website.


Revalidation is the process whereby doctors need to demonstrate to the GMC, normally every five years, that they are up-to-date and fit to practice.


provides a focus for doctors’ efforts to maintain and improve their practice;
helps employing organisations to support their doctors in keeping their practice up to date;
encourages patients and the public to provide feedback about the medical care they receive from doctors.

The purpose of revalidation is to assure patients and the public that doctors holding a licence to practise are up-to-date and fit to practice.

How does the COVID-19 crisis affect revalidation and appraisal?

We have produced the following list of FAQs to address questions arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


On 17 March 2020, the GMC announced that it was going to change revalidation dates for all doctors with a revalidation recommendation due before the end of September 2020, the effect being to re-set the date for 12 months’ later. These changes came into effect over the weekend 21/22 March 2020. This decision has been taken to relieve the pressure on doctors, Responsible Officers and governance teams during the pandemic. This is a proportionate response to free up clinical time in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and will have no repercussions for doctors.


On 20th March 2020, NHS England announced a cancellation of all annual revalidation appraisals for the foreseeable future. This is a pragmatic decision to free-up clinicians at this time and there will be no negative repercussions for doctors who miss an appraisal due to these exceptional circumstances.

Doctors will retain their appraisal anniversary date and when this suspension is lifted and appraisals resume we will advise our doctors in sufficient time for appraisal arrangements to be made


Yes. At your next appraisal, you will be able to present any information gathered since your previous appraisal even though the time between appraisals is longer than usual. This includes supporting information entered into your portfolio prior to or during, the COVID-19 pandemic. Your supporting information will be expected to cover your full scope of practice from between your two appraisals.