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Journal of the faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Edition 3 - Paediatric Medicines Development

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2nd Edition - May 2018 - Hot topics in Pharmaceutical Medicine

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Dec 2017 newsletter

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Autumn 2017 (No. 52)

  • President’s update – Professor Alan Boyd
  • News
  • Events
  • A tribute to Margaret Turner Warwick
  • 2017 FPM Education Day - Reports

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Summer 2017 (No. 51)

  • President’s update - Prof Alan Boyd
  • Communities of Practice - Dr Sharon McCullough and Dr Liz Clark
  • Mental Capacity: Action in Research - Meeting report - Dr Tom Morris
  • Tribute to Dr Richard Tiner - Dr Susan Bews
  • Tribute to Prof Fritz Bühler - Dr Ingrid Klingmann

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Winter 2016 (No. 50)

  • President's review of 2016 - Prof Alan Boyd, President, FPM
  • News
  • 2016 FPM Symposium on Innovation – Meeting Report – Dr Clare Spooner
  • What do people actually want from medical innovation? – Mr Oli Lewington
  • Winter 2016 Awardees
  • Speeding the pathway to paediatric drug development – Meeting Report – Dr Ben Cottam

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Summer 2016 (no. 49)

  • President’s update - Prof Alan Boyd, President, FPM
  • Education Day – our business is learning – workshop reports
  • News
  • FPM statement on Brexit
  • Tribute to Dr John Young
  • FPM Policy Day – report and outputs

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Spring 2016 (no. 48)

  • President's update - Prof Alan Boyd, President, FPM
  • Launch of the GPMP Support Network - Dr Tom Morris, Registrar and Chair of the GPMP Support Network
  • An introduction to Pharmacovigilance - Dr Sumit Munjal, Takeda Development Centre Europe
  • Signal detection and benefit: risk assessment throughout the life cycle of a medicinal product - Dr Pippa Biswas MFPM, Director, Symogen Ltd.
  • Pharmacovigilance in India - The Past, Present and Future - Dr J Vijay Venkatraman, Managing Director & CEO, Oviya MedSafe and Dr Vignesh Rajendran PhD, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Oviya MedSafe
  • EU Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV); oversight, roles and responsibilities - Dr Asad Khan MFPM, Associate Medical Director, UCB

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Winter 2015 (no. 47)

  • Presidential Statement - Prof Alan Boyd
  • Annual Meeting 2015 round-up and pictures
  • TQT studies conversation report

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Autumn 2015 (no. 46)

  • Introduction by Ibrahim Farr
  • Global Clinical Trials: A Bridge Too Far by Keith Bragman and Ben Cottam
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine and Market Access in a Free Market Economy: One of Many Opportunities for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in North America? by Peter Gardiner and Declan O’Callaghan
  • A tribute to Dr Jack Watters by Keith Bragman
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine in Africa by Bernd Rosenkranz, Michael Reid and Elizabeth Allen
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine in the Asia-Pacific region by Victoria Elegant, Pippa Biswas and Ritu Sahni
  • Advancing Education and Training in Pharmaceutical Medicine in Europe by Dominique Dubois, Jens Wurthner, Piotr Krzeski and Fergal Donnelly

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Summer 2015 (no. 45)

  • Post-marketing safety surveillance in UK hospitals: a closer look at Specialist Cohort Event Monitoring by Dr Liz Lynn and Dr Debbie Layton
  • An appreciation of the life of Dr Anne Appleton by Dr David Blowers
  • Report from EFGCP meeting “How do we improve health without betraying confidentiality within current and upcoming EU Regulations?” by Dr Fergal Donnelly
  • Report from RSM/FPM meeting – Public/Private Partnerships in Medical Research – Connecting the Dots...! by Dr Paul Robinson
  • Becoming an Examiner by Dr Liz Clark
  • Professional Standards Committee update by Professor Tim Higenbottam

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Spring 2015 (no. 44)

  • Innovation in Medicines Development by Dr Keith Bragman
  • Valuing Patient Involvement: INVOLVE Conference “Changing Landscapes and the need for change” by Ms Jean Cooper Moran
  • Summary of the FPM Conversation ‘The Science and Ethics of Paediatric Research’ by Dr Sue Tansey
  • Who Wants to Work for Free? by Dr Stuart Dollow
  • Ethical Issues Committee update
  • Trainees’ Subcommittee update by Dr Stephanie Jones


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Winter 2014 (no. 43)

  • Founding members interviews
  • Raising awareness activities

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Autumn 2014 (no. 42)

  • Welcome and update by Dr Keith Bragman PFPM
  • 25th Anniversary update and events
  • Policy news by Ben Cottam
  • Science and ethics of personalized medicines and genomics by Dr Paul Denny
  • Transparency in relationships with Healthcare Professionals and Organisations by Dr Asad Khan MFPM
  • Report on the EFGCP Paediatric Masterclass on Paediatric Drug Development and PIPs by Dr Benoy Daniel

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Summer 2014 (no. 41)

  • Revalidation special
  • Update on new CPD Guidance document
  • Reflections on year 1, from the FPM Responsible Officer
  • Perspectives of revalidation from an international viewpoint, a trainee, an appraiser, and more...

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Spring 2014 (no. 40)

  • 25th Anniversary announcement
  • Pharmaceutical medicine in Germany moving from the UK – the Pros, Cons and Carnivals by Karen Cheng
  • Pharmaceutical regulatory inspections by Adrian Chowdhary
  • Initial musings of a new Faculty Board member by Chris Worth  
  • Tribute to Prof Ronald Mann by Pippa Biswas

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Autumn 2013 (no. 38)

  • Report of the Meet the Board Conversation by Ben Cottam
  • A new career in pharmaceutical medicine by Dr Davinder Theti
  • Turning work into learning by Dr Sharon McCullough
  • Faculty’s submission to the EMA consultation on ‘Publication & Access to Clinical-trial Data’ by Dr Asad Khan

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Summer 2013 (no. 37)

  • Faculty ‘Strategy Away Day' - 3rd July 2013
  • Report from Summer Awards Ceremony - 12th June 2013
  • Committee updates - Professional Standards Committee and Officers of the Board of Examiners
  • What's the value of a pharmaceutical physician? Article by Dr Sharon McCullough
  • Are we still failing our children? The case for research into pregnancy. Article by Dr Lode Dewulf
  • The future of monitoring in clinical research. Article by Dr Eva Ansmann

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Spring 2013 (no. 36)

  • A career in pharmaceutical medicine: an academic perspective. Article by Dr Christina Reith
  • Clinical Trials Transparency: Faculty policies and activities
  • Book review: "Devalued and Distrusted: Can the pharmaceutical industry restore its broken image?" by Dr Thomas Ng
  • Dr Neil Murray, 1956 - 2013, tribute by Prof Alan Boyd
  • A taster week in pharmaceutical medicine for a GP trainee
  • Conversation with Dr Genghis Lloyd-Harris: Why invest in Life Sciences?

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