Data and Knowledge Sharing During PHEs

26th August 2020
16:00 - 17:00


This webinar examines the role of data and knowledge sharing within the clinical research community during a PHE. It addresses the following questions: 

  1. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way the clinical research community shares data and knowledge? In what ways has COVID-19 facilitated data and knowledge sharing? In what ways has it hindered data and knowledge sharing? 
  2. What are the hurdles to sharing data and knowledge in clinical research? The scientific/technological hurdles? The societal/investment hurdles? 
  3. What is needed to make data and knowledge sharing more effective and more the norm? 

Preparedness training webinar series

This webinar is part of our series on Preparedness Planning for Public Health Emergencies.

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Meet the speakers

John Wise, Consultant at Pistoia Alliance & Programme Coordinator, PRISME Forum


  • Professor Barend Mons, Biosemantics, Leiden University Medical Center; Board Member, Leiden Centre of Data Science; Chair, High Level Expert Group of the European Commission on the European Open Science Cloud; Director of the International Office of GO FAIR; The Netherlands
  • Professor Huanming (Henry) Yang, BGI, Shenzhen, China
  • Professor Elizabeth (Betsy) Ogburn, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University & COVID-19 Collaborative Platform (, USA
  • Elissa Prichep, Project Head, Precision Medicine, World Economic Forum

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