Policy and Communications Group Terms of Reference

Updated: January 2021 

  • To raise awareness of the science and practice of pharmaceutical medicine, advocate the benefits that the specialty brings to the health of the public and advocate policy developments to support pharmaceutical medicine
  • To develop and maintain a policy platform (areas of focus, policy position papers, key messages) in line with the FPM mission and objectives
    • To undertake policy projects on topics connected to pharmaceutical medicine in line with FPM strategy
    • To approve FPM’s response to external consultations developed by the Expert Groups or other groups within FPM
    • To liaise with other FPM groups to ensure coordination and alignment of policy activities
    • To oversee the work of the Expert Groups and to coordinate their input into FPM policy development and related activities
    • To consider appropriate PR activities to underpin the policy platform
    • To support internal (member) and external communications
    • To lead a communications strategy, so that policy activities and other projects are effectively communicated to the intended audience
    • To generate content and advising on publication strategy for communications to FPM members to engage and inform them
  • To advise communications staff on press and media activities
    • To undertake direct media activity on behalf of the FPM, as directed by the FPM Head of Policy and Communications
    • To advise on content and utility of the FPM website and social media channels and ensure that it is consistent with official FPM positions, policy and messages
    • To consider the prevailing and future topics of importance to pharmaceutical medicine
    • To undertake horizon scanning and advise the Executive Committee, Board and Chief Executive on matters relating to policy and communications
    • To make recommendations as to the policy and scientific content of events and other activities
    • To consult with other groups within FPM to inform policies and communications, as appropriate
    • To uphold the FPM Values of being Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Credible and Learned