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Posted on: Thursday 15 July 2021

Closing: Monday 16 August 2021 12:00

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This vacancy has expired.

FPM Vacancy

This vacancy has expired.

Role Context

The Director Human Pharmacology is a voluntary and high profile role within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) and has responsibility for advising the Education and Standards Committee on the development of the Certificate and Diploma in Human Pharmacology (C/DHP) and Experimental Medicine programmes including related taught courses.

This role is also responsible for the development and management of FPM’s newly instituted First in Human Principle Investigator training program which aims to provide accredited training for industry and NHS physicians seeking recognition for this activity. The DHP will contribute to the strategic development of professional standards for early phase clinical and translational research as well as support the training of those working in early clinical development roles.

The post holder will also be responsible for reviewing applications for entry on the C/DHP programs, including approval of the training environment, as well as advising on suitability for individual’s recognition as a principle investigator on the request of the MHRA. The post holder will be supported in this activity by FPM staff and by other expert colleagues in the Phase I examiner group.


  • The Chair of the Education and Standards Committee
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Responsibilities of Director of Human Pharmacology

  • To advise the Education and Standards Committee on the development of the Certificate and Diploma in Human Pharmacology and Experimental Medicine programmes including related taught courses.
  • To lead the institution of FPM’s First in Human Principle Investigator Program
  • To maintain the regulations relating to the programmes.
  • To consider and approve applications for enrolment and training locations for C/DHP participants.
  • To monitor the progress of participants and to provide guidance and support when indicated.
  • To support the quality management process.
  • To approve the award of the Certificate and Diploma to individuals upon successful completion of the programmes.
  • To ensure that the Human Pharmacology subcommittee Terms of Reference are implemented proactively and effectively
  • To lead and coordinate the activities of the subcommittee
  • To attend and to chair meetings of the subcommittee, to ensure that a programme of subcommittee meetings is planned and agreed in advance and to ensure that an accurate written record of the proceedings of meetings is maintained
  • To provide additional written reports on subcommittee activities as required
  • To attend meetings with the MHRA on request
  • To identify individual subcommittee members to undertake specific tasks or to be the lead member on specific topics
  • To act as spokesperson for the subcommittee and/or FPM when required to do so
  • To be aware of current issues that might affect the subcommittee/wider FPM
  • To be the arbiter in discussions and to balance the views of the subcommittee in reaching a position
  • Act in compliance with the FPM’s Policies including its Code of Conduct and Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Act in compliance with FPM’s values (Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Caring and Learned)

FPM’s values

We areThis means
Professional Being accountable for our work and actions
Innovative Seeking solutions proactively
Caring Treating everyone with dignity
Collaborative Working positively with others
Credible Being honest and ethical in our work
Learned Investing in developing knowledge and skills

Person specification

As part of your application, please provide details and examples of how you meet these criteria:


  • In good standing with the relevant medical registration body (e.g. GMC)
  • Current Fellow (FFPM) or Member (MFPM) of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in good standing


  • Evidence of continuing professional development
  • Evidence of achievement and contributions to the specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Currently undergoing revalidation



Appointed persons normally serve for a period of three years.  This can be extended to a maximum of six years if re-appointed. Chairpersons may be asked to step down from the group if they are not able to attend meetings or contribute to the work of the group satisfactorily.


Information relating to the Education and Standards Committee must be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed by FPM.




FPM will reimburse travel and subsistence costs arising from reasonable attendance at FPM meetings and events under the terms of the FPM’s Expense Claim Policy.


How to apply

Please send your CV (please put ‘Appointments – Director DHP‘ in the subject line), with a covering note of approximately 500 words outlining your relevant experience and ideas for developing the role, to fpm@fpm.org.uk.

Deadline for applications: 12:00 UK Time on Monday 16 August 2021

FPM welcomes and actively seeks to recruit people to its activities regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation. FPM aspires to reflect the diversity of its members in all its committee, senior roles and staff in general.

If you have any questions about the role or application process please email fpm@fpm.org.uk or contact FPM Chief Executive Dr Marcia Philbin at m.philbin@fpm.org.uk or +44 (0)20 3969 9031.