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Posted on: Monday 16 August 2021

Closing: Thursday 2 September 2021 17:00

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This vacancy has expired.

Seeking a new Chair for FPM’s Policy and Communications Group

The FPM Policy and Communications Group (PCG) is a dynamic and innovative group, which oversees and supports all the public policy and communications work of FPM. This includes policy development, oversight of the FPM expert groups, production of online and offline member and external communications, and press and media engagement. The group gives direction to some of FPM’s most popular activities, including the FPM Annual Symposium, blogs/FPM Deep Dives, and FPM Conversation events. The group works very closely with an integrated FPM staff team in the implementation of workstreams.

This is an exciting time to lead the group, as pharmaceutical medicine and clinical research are currently very topical, and high on the national and international agenda. FPM has recently strengthened our reputation through a number of policy and media activities. The role of chair is vital to support the ongoing growth in this area and support the new President and the FPM Board deliver on our vision and mission.

All grades of FPM member are eligible to apply. FPM welcomes and actively seeks to recruit people regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, relationship status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

Committee terms of reference

  • To raise awareness of the science and practice of pharmaceutical medicine, advocate the benefits that the specialty brings to the health of the public and advocate policy developments to support pharmaceutical medicine
  • To develop and maintain a policy platform (areas of focus, policy position papers, key messages) in line with the FPM mission and objectives
  • To undertake policy projects on topics connected to pharmaceutical medicine in line with FPM strategy
  • To approve FPM’s response to external consultations developed by the Expert Groups or other groups within FPM
  • To liaise with other FPM groups to ensure coordination and alignment of policy activities
  • To oversee the work of the Expert Groups and to coordinate their input into FPM policy development and related activities
  • To consider appropriate PR activities to underpin the policy platform
  • To support internal (member) and external communications
  • To lead a communications strategy, so that policy activities and other projects are effectively communicated to the intended audience
  • To generate content and advising on publication strategy for communications to FPM members to engage and inform them
  • To advise communications staff on press and media activities
  • To undertake direct media activity on behalf of the FPM, as directed by the FPM Head of Policy and Communications
  • To advise on content and utility of the FPM website and social media channels and ensure that it is consistent with official FPM positions, policy and messages
  • To consider the prevailing and future topics of importance to pharmaceutical medicine
  • To undertake horizon scanning and advise the Executive Committee, Board and Chief Executive on matters relating to policy and communications
  • To make recommendations as to the policy and scientific content of events and other activities
  • To consult with other groups within FPM to inform policies and communications, as appropriate
  • To uphold the FPM Values of being Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Credible and Learned

Affiliates, Associates, Members and Fellows are eligible to apply. This is your opportunity to shape the future of policy and communications at FPM.

This vacancy has expired.

Responsibilities of the chair

  • To ensure that the group’s Terms of Reference are implemented proactively and effectively
  • To lead and coordinate the activities of the group
  • To work with FPM staff to organise the schedule of group meetings, and ensure minutes are prepared and circulated in a timely manner
  • To chair PCG meetings in a timely, fair and democratic manner and ensure that all voices are heard
  • To provide additional written reports on group activities as required
  • To attend meetings of the Executive Committee and to communicate effectively with the Board, President, Chief Executive and other FPM staff to ensure the work of the group complements the rest of the FPM’s activities
  • To identify individual group members to undertake specific tasks or to be the lead member on specific topics
  • To act as spokesperson for the group and/or FPM when required to do so

Responsibilities of all group members

  • To attend group meetings
  • To actively contribute to the work of the group in the areas described above
  • To participate promptly in communications in between meetings as required
  • To undertake other activities on behalf of the group and FPM as agreed
  • To act in compliance with the FPM’s Governing Documents and Procedures
  • To follow the guidance set out in the FPM’s Committee Guidance Document
  • To act in compliance with the FPM’s Policies including its Equal Opportunities Policy
  • To bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making
  • To uphold FPM’s Values (Professional, Innovative, Caring, Collaborative, Credible, Learned) whether dealing internally or with external stakeholders

FPM’s values

We areThis means
Professional Being accountable for our work and actions
Innovative Seeking solutions proactively
Caring Treating everyone with dignity
Collaborative Working positively with others
Credible Being honest and ethical in our work
Learned Investing in developing knowledge and skills


The method of appointment is open advertisement from the membership (all grades) of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. A person specification is provided below. Shortlisted applicants will be normally be appointed through an initial paper-based sift, followed by interview(s) with at least one officer of FPM.


Appointed chairs normally serve for a period of 3 years. This can be extended to a maximum of 6 years if re-appointed. Chairs may be asked to step down from the group if they are not able to attend meetings or contribute to the work of the group satisfactorily.


Information relating to committee business must be kept confidential unless otherwise agreed by FPM.


FPM will reimburse travel and sustenance costs arising from reasonable attendance at FPM meetings and events under the terms of the FPM’s Expense Claim Policy.

Person specification

As part of your application, please provide details and examples of how you meet these criteria:


  • In good standing with the relevant medical registration body (e.g. GMC)
  • Current Fellow, Member, Associate or Affiliate of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in good standing
  • Evidence of continuing professional development
  • Evidence of achievement and contributions to the specialty of Pharmaceutical Medicine


  • Currently undergoing revalidation

How to apply

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter to fpm@fpm.org.uk. In the covering letter, please outline your relevant experience and interest in the role and how you meet the criteria outlined in the role description.

All grades of FPM member are eligible to apply.

Deadline for applications: 17:00, Thursday 2 September 2021.

Interviews will be held on the afternoon of Monday 6 September.

FPM welcomes and actively seeks to recruit people to its activities regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation. FPM aspires to reflect the diversity of its members in all its committee, senior roles and staff in general.

If you have any questions about the role or application process please email fpm@fpm.org.uk, or contact Ben Cottam, FPM’s Head of Policy and Communications at b.cottam@fpm.org.uk or +44 (0) 20 3696 9034.