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Trainees' Committee

The role of the Faculty's Trainees' Committee is to:

1. advise the Education and Standards Committee on matters relating to specialty training in pharmaceutical medicine with particular emphasis on trainee issues

2. advise the Specialist Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Medicine (of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board) on matters relating to specialty training in pharmaceutical medicine with particular emphasis on trainee issues

3. represent the Faculty on appropriate external groups such as the Trainee Doctors' Group of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and

4. facilitate communication between trainees and between the Faculty and trainees.

Read the overview of the Committee here.


Members of the Trainees' Committee will include approximately ten Faculty members who will normally be enrolled in Pharmaceutical Medicine Specialty Training (PMST). The membership will include, as far as is possible, trainees from different stages of training and different training locations. Members and a Chairperson will be appointed to the Committee in accordance with the Faculty's procedures for appointments to committees.

We are currently seeking new members - click here for details.

Current members

Dr Neil Fawkes (Chairperson), Dr Mohammed Ahmed, Dr Susan Brook, Dr Laura Campbell, Dr Mayura Deshpande, Dr Shaun Flint, Dr Guy Gherardi, Mr Rami Kallala, Dr Rajesh Rout and Dr Maciej Zatonski.


The Trainees' Committee will normally convene at least twice each year. An individual's membership of the Committee will terminate automatically upon their withdrawal from or termination of PMST. A member of the Committee who has successfully completed training may remain a member of the Committee for a maximum of one year with the agreement of the Chairperson. The Chairperson may remain in this role for a maximum of one year following the completion of his or her training with the agreement of the Chairperson of the Education and Standards Committee.

Next meetings:
15 November 2018

Executive summaries
Please visit this link to download the executive summaries of previous minutes of the Trainees' Subommittee as it was then called.

Help with PMST - trainee representation

Trainees' Committee is here to represent the views of PMST trainees and help answer trainee-related questions you may have. Please go here to read how the Committee can help you.



   Current PMST trainees are invited to join the FPM Trainees' LinkedIn group here.





Please email us if you have a trainee-related issue or query you would like to address to the Trainees' Committee.