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Certificate in Human Pharmacology

Overview and who should apply

patandThe Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine offers the Certificate in Human Pharmacology (CHP) - a 1-year part-time programme for doctors and scientists to attain a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of exploratory studies of investigational medicinal products in man.  The programme includes pharmacology applied to drug development, study design, basic pharmacokinetics, biomarkers of drug action, evaluation of new chemical entities, biological medicines and vaccines, safety, ethics and regulation.  To be eligible for the CHP, you need to have a BSc (or higher qualification) or medical degree, but don't have to be working in human pharmacology, though some basic knowledge of Phase I studies is really helpful.

pill2Participants in the programme are required to attend two courses at King's College, London. These cover exploratory drug development including 'first-in-human' studies (5 days) and drug development pharmacology (5 days) at an advanced level.  In addition to post-course tests and assignments, there is also a CHP examination comprising a multiple-choice question paper administered by the Faculty.  The CHP will enable you to be better informed about the practicalities and underlying science of early studies of investigational medicines in humans.

Structure and curriculum

  • Attendance at two five-day courses with satisfactory completion of post-course tests and assignments involving private study
  • A written FPM examination after completion of the two courses

Registration and key dates

The fee for enrolling on the CHP programme is £1000 which covers administration of the programme and the examination. Fees for the teaching and materials associated with the CHP courses are charged separately by the provider, King's College London. The fee does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

If you are interested in applying for the CHP, please request an application pack from the Faculty Office - Examinations and Standards Manager -

The 2019 examination will be held in March 2020 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in Angel Islington, London. The exam takes place once per year every February/March. Please see the Examination Guidance for Candidates and Regulations and Procedures and Examination Appeal Procedure.