Training sites

Training sites are organisations that have been approved by the GMC to deliver the pharmaceutical medicine specialty training programme. Training sites are responsible for supporting their trainees and specialty trainers and to fulfil the requirements in the GMC's 'Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training'.

Training site approval

Pharmaceutical medicine organisations that would like to deliver the PMST programme, must be approved by the GMC.

We will submit a training approval application to the GMC if the pharmaceutical medicine organisation has:

  • completed the PMST training site self-assessment form in full; and
  • answered ‘Yes’ to all of the statements under the four domains.

The four domains are:

  1. Learning environment and culture
  2. Educational governance and leadership
  3. Supporting and empowering pharmaceutical medicine trainees
  4. Supporting and empowering pharmaceutical medicine educational and associate educational supervisors.

If a pharmaceutical medicine organisation answers ‘No’ to any of the domain statements on their self-assessment form, we may ask one of our FPM Specialty Advisors (SAs) to meet the pharmaceutical medicine organisation and complete an assessment of the organisation’s suitability to become an approved training site before we consider submitting an application to the GMC.

After the GMC has approved a pharmaceutical medicine organisation as a training site, its name will be added to the GMC’s list of approved training locations.

The training site must then meet the standards and requirements of the GMC, which are contained in ‘Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training’, on an ongoing basis. We may request the training site to submit an annual self-assessment form to us so that we can monitor its delivery of the PMST programme for its trainees and educational supervisors.

List of existing PMST training sites

We will keep the list up to date, but you are advised to verify that the pharmaceutical medicine organisation is still a GMC-approved training site and suitable to support pharmaceutical physicians who want to undertake PMST. The list is for information only.

AbbVie Ltd
Achilles Therapeutics
Aimmune Therapeutics UK Ltd
Alexion Pharma UK Ltd
Allergy Therapeutics Ltd
Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd
Astellas Pharma Ltd
AstraZeneca UK Ltd